The only way to ensure new product development or upgrades do not disrupt business operations is through quality assurance. Payoda combines its testing expertise with domain experience to implement advanced software testing techniques across the product lifecycle, enabling delivery of high-quality products.

With testing and validation we help organizations detect gaps at the earliest, reduce iterations, compress test cycles and move solutions to market faster within budgets.

Test automation accelerates testing activities and ensures test coverage to prevent defect leakage. Our advanced test automation framework is plug and play, platform-agnostic changing test engineers comfortably into automation specialists.

Testing services at Payoda

UI automation testing : Shorten the Manual Regression Test Cycle by automating the User Interaction with application for different roles

Performance automation testing : Test of stability, reliability, and performance of the solution under load

API automation testing : Test all rest APIs to ensure reliability & performance

Manual testing : Test offerings, such as user journey testing, accessibility testing, content validation, mobile device validation, browser compatibility checks and soft launch validation as part of user acceptance testing

IoT testing : Ensuring that the software and the hardware systems are effectively integrated and reducing testing effort by bringing in automation wherever possible

Profiling : Fine tuning of the code within each module

Security testing : Checks to see if the application is vulnerable to attacks, if anyone can hack the system or login to the application without any authorization