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IoT combined with edge computing is revolutionizing industries

Payoda's IoT services radically change your business to gain a competitive advantage. How do you do it? By enhancing customer service, new opportunity identification, improved efficiency, and ROI we have helped companies build and manage secure IoT-powered smart landscapes that amplify efficiency levels. Put together our comprehensive IoT solutions that help you explore new directions and opportunities. You will stay seamlessly connected to a smarter future by partnering with us.

Wireless Sensor Networks

Monitor and record the physical conditions of your environment and collectively pass data in real time through a wireless network to an internet-based location.

Cloud Computing

Store, process, and access large amounts of data and perform computing tasks using IoT services in conjunction with cloud technologies.

Network Protocols and Infrastructure

Maximize an IoT platform’s opportunities with our competent team of developers to construct a well-managed and orchestrated IoT platform.

Embedded Systems

Analyze large amounts of data from devices built for custom purposes. Integrate sensors encompassing a broader range of devices and use cases to monitor the environment.
Smart Solutions for Connected Products
Connected Machines

Connected Machines

Build Iot-connected machines to your network with inbuilt intelligence. Connecting machines to your network is easy, and IOT interfaces available with Payoda services can help you enter this new era.
Room Monitoring Solution

Room Monitoring Solution

Seamlessly integrate our range of monitoring systems into your existing server room. Our specialist installer team has extensive knowledge of server room environmental monitoring systems and their installation.
Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection

Reduce capital costs while increasing revenue through an IoT framework designed for the early detection of anomalies. We assisted in identifying inefficiencies via a central monitoring program (and cloud-integrated IoT hardware) that might better control issues.
Revolutionize your Business with Our Advanced Technology Solutions

Our exhaustive list of technological tools that can transform the way your business works. Create solutions to improve scalability without compromising the speed and security of your transactions.

aws iot core
Cloud iot core
aws iot core
Cloud iot core
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