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Enabling Technology powered Quality Healthcare

Go through a highly developing and transformative phase to meet the demand for quality healthcare, changing patient demographics, and varied health conditions. Technology and digitalization create a momentous shift to a patient-centric approach, focusing on delivering quality health care to patients. If you need one such strategic technological confidant, then Payoda is your one-stop solution provider. Avail of our highly efficient data science and Artificial Intelligence services to plan your medical operations and serve limitlessly.

Healthcare technology solutions

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Life Sciences

Deploy our commercial data warehouse solution to facilitate terrific data fluidity and accessibility throughout the organization to improve patient and provider engagement, deliver better outcomes on clinical trials, improve patient care plans and outcomes, and so many factors. Utilize our real-time solutions to collaborate better with patients and providers, apply machine learning and AI advances, and achieve better clinical trial results by analyzing real-world evidence. Tackle your regulatory compliance strains effortlessly by leveraging our compliance management solution and shielding yourself from hefty fines.

Medical insurance processing for Patients, Providers, and Insurers

We realize the necessity of a hassle-free healthcare insurance process and its positive impact on your patients. Our medical insurance processing and management are independent yet interconnected applications for patients, healthcare providers, and insurance companies. Our application will hold your patients’ hands and diligently navigate them to the best doctor in terms of price, experience, and service delivered.
Data from hospitals and insurance providers are neatly sorted and arranged, and ergonomic dashboards are created for efficient monitoring and management. Our medico-insurance solutions are available as web and mobile applications and are HIPAA and Data Protection Directive 1995/46/EC compliant.

Healthcare Providers & IDNs

Empower your brand by gaining the best knowledge of the chosen accounts using our IDN Profile Butler and IDN Pedia solutions. Coordinate patient care more smartly, improve quality, and control costs. For MedTech and Pharma companies, our IDN data analytics solutions will be the best partner for strategic decisions, such as which IDNs to target and the mode of engagement with chosen IDNs.
Our innovative IDN analytics tool is data-driven and draws valuable insights to accurately judge the influencing power of an IDN with its associated healthcare providers. Our IDN solutions are cloud-native, scalable, and available on Web and Mobile platforms. Our solutions are HIPAA (US) and Data Protection Directive 1995/46/EC, and e-Privacy Directive 2002/58/EC (European Union) compliant.
Delivering exponential value throughout the care system


Achieving a fully integrated interoperable system is at the core of our healthcare services. Our specialties include enabling medical staff and Doctors to access and exchange confidential medical data through a secure network. Safe transfer of data between EMR and Healthcare information systems, comprehensive real-time recording of patient data, and uninterrupted communication between all the care providers in the loop ensure quality care to patients at all times.

Smart Wearable Integration

Enhance and achieve best-in-class patient satisfaction levels with our CRM facility that helps manage referrals better. Wearable integration paves the way for data exchange from devices to healthcare systems, revolutionizing patient monitoring and tracking. Become a healthcare provider leader by leveraging our data integration system and interoperability. Reduce patients’ wait time; decrease no-show-offs; eliminate cumbersome paperwork; detect bottlenecks and increase overall patient satisfaction.


Take remote care of your patients to the next level with our telemedicine applications. Stay connected to your patients virtually with our HIPAA-compliant video conferencing tools. Now health care providers can offer specialist consultation; manage medications; continuously monitor chronic patients; deliver medical interventions and admit patients in remote areas through our hassle-free seamless network and quality telemedicine facilities. With Payoda’s eminent telemedicine facility, you can go places!

Explore the astounding power of AI

Leverage the benefits of our predictive analytical tools to identify high-risk populations and manage clinical workflows to give them a priority and immediate clinical intervention. Timely intervention with AI can save lives. Our robust AI applications can sift through large patient data and processes and deliver significant results. These results help Doctors create highly customized treatment plans for every patient based on their unique health conditions. Our solutions help you practice precision medicine with the utmost clarity and confidence.
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