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Innovate with Cloud Native Applications

Accelerated innovation defines the future, and today's enterprises are looking to cloud-based solutions to help them speed their cloud transformation process. Use the cloud native computing architecture and our expertise to provide your customers with rapid modernization, elastic scalability, cost savings, and improved performance.


Increase your company’s velocity and discover a way to arrange for your teams to take advantage of cloud-native technologies’ automation and scalability.


Readily access the most recent container innovation and assist development teams in moving quickly, deploying software efficiently, and operating on an unprecedented scale.


Focus on creating single-function modules with clearly defined interfaces and operations. Create applications as a collection of tiny services, each of which runs in its process and can be deployed independently.

PaaS in developing cloud-native solutions

Deploy in-house hardware and software to develop or run a new application. Our systems fully use PaaS computing infrastructure and managed services in a dynamic, virtualized cloud environment.
Our Offerings that help in your Cloud native journey

Today's digital economy necessitates companies to be agile. When technology development and operations are structured to be cloud-native, the benefits of the cloud can be reaped the most. Payoda uses the cloud's power to help companies develop new hyper-scalable applications that will allow them to compete effectively in their respective marketplaces.

Cloud-Native App Development

Cloud-Native App Development

Implement innovative cloud solutions to create stable and scalable corporate applications in multi or hybrid cloud settings.
Microservices Evolution

Microservices Evolution

Create microservices that may be quickly accessed via the cloud and aid in assembling your application in a dispersed environment.
Cloud re-architectural services

Cloud re-architectural services

Integrate growing cloud features into legacy applications without altering the underlying design to ensure optimal cloud performance.
Modern Technologies to Build Highly Scalable and Resilient Applications

Build, deploy, and manage modern applications in a cloud computing environment with cloud-native, intelligent applications. Users can enjoy compelling digital experiences built on popular frameworks like .NET, Java, Ruby, PHP, or Python while maintaining a compliant, risk-managed profile.

azure functions
azure functions
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