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Reduce Manual Intervention with a Pre-defined Agile Process

Free your people to do great things. Our dedicated Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services unify your current human workforce with digitally deployed software robots that are built to manage your complex infrastructure, tasks, and operations with utmost security. From financial services to healthcare, many industries are intelligently turning opportunities into scalable success with Payoda’s RPA services.

Automation Design

Define RPA implementation models for your workflows and create an automation architecture to visualize your RPA solution. You can also create a Proof of Concept (PoC) to ensure RPA value before committing to a full-scale RPA project.

Infrastructure and Automation Support

Allow us to guide you through your RPA project to verify that your automation software is operating optimally, that your automated processes are productive, and that you are discovering new automation opportunities.

RPA Development

Using UiPath, Microsoft Power Automate, and other robotic process automation tools, create intelligent RPA applications based on the given automation pipeline. Deploy a well-planned RPA strategy to reap tangible benefits for your company.

RPA Consulting

Utilize our robotic process automation consulting knowledge to analyze your RPA readiness, identify roadblocks and opportunities, quantify automation potential, and develop a thorough roadmap to strategic RPA adoption.
Streamline your operations with automation that mimics the way humans interact.
Advanced Automation

Advanced Automation

Develop bots that interact with your applications, auto-ingest your data, and process unstructured information to generate structured billing reports. Incorporate AI to spot trends and insights that highlight dips and spikes in the data.
Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

Utilize your workforce efficiently by automating monotonous tasks and focusing on exclusive work. Our AI-driven RPA services help you not only save time and money but also to complete tasks much faster.
Digital Workforce

Digital Workforce

Deploy software robots, use intelligent chatbots and interactive voice responses to handle simple tasks, handle queries and answer questions without human interference. Choose the bot to carry out the entire process or only the specific part.
Intelligent Technologies That Handle Your Tasks with a Human Touch

The right set of technologies quickens turnaround time, enables easy workflows on your applications, increases usability, and produces a matchless end-user experience.

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