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Revolutionizing the business of Communication

Transition to experience-led platform models to become unstoppable providers of next-generation IP services and immersive consumer experiences using game-changing technologies such as 5G, AI, machine learning, and cloud computing. While telecom companies try to capitalize on these technologies and expand significantly, the big question remains unanswered. Who could be the right Technological partner to assist you in this digital transformation- providing constant support and building a strong IT forte that can lead you to your desired destination?

Data Analytics

Data-driven decision-making to create compelling customer experiences, drive digital adoption, and build solid business continuity plans.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Cloud-native technology and edge computing for the cloud infrastructure in 5G.


Companies collaborate with businesses in today’s global multi-speed media ecosystem to gain attention and produce value.


Providing strategic consulting to assist businesses in preparing for the transformative potential of 5G.


Provides excellent solutions to the difficult business challenges that telecoms firms face worldwide.

Revenue Assurance

Payoda’s coherent Revenue Assurance solutions and eliminate revenue leakages.
Communication Solutions
Smart Call Centre

Smart Call Centre

Our smart call center solutions have AI-powered speech analytics that helps you transcribe and analyze every customer interaction.
Content Recommendation Engine

Content Recommendation Engine

Our customizable recommendation engine filters various data sets, cohere with layers of business requirements, and recommends the most relevant items to users.
Communications, Media & Technology


Our Multi-access Edge Computing provides an IT ecosystem with ultra-low latency, high bandwidth, and access to real-time network data.
Find pathways to profitability with our immaculate data-capable workforce.

Networks Service

Accelerate the deployment of 5G networks, achieve ultra-lean legacy network management, and introduce new software-driven network services.

Media on Cloud

Enable seamless live, linear, and on-demand content delivery to help your customers build highly available, broadcast-quality video workflows in the cloud.

Digital Core

Modernize the core and overcome old constraints by transitioning to cloud-native technologies that offer new revenue streams, streamline distribution, and reduce risks.

Fraud Detection

Our Fraud Management Systems can detect persistent and invasive frauds immediately and ensure you nurture customer relationships while preserving your brand identity.

Video On Demand

End-to-end support to complete VOD software solutions to enable more app engagement and increase sales revenue by designing the apps for optimal user experience and engagement.

Telco Automation & Op

Structural separations to enable operational excellence and lean operations.

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