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Unlock the value of enterprise data and be insight-driven

Looking to successfully adopt AI-powered advanced data analytics with which your business strategies have greater chances of working out? We deploy predictive analytical techniques to forecast future trends and ensure your enterprise is ready to evolve, explore opportunities, solve issues, build sustainable brands, and make informed decisions. Connect with us to experience accentuated growth and transformation with an AI-powered business model.

High-Velocity Data Handling

Custom engineer platforms with evolving technology and toolsets to support your high-speed data ingestion at scale. We induct Data Lakes and Data Warehouses to support your varied data and domain-specific leverage.

Real-time Data Processing

Orchestrate systems with our reference architectures to handle all your real-time and near-real-time needs. Streaming the data into the platform continuously and processing them in real-time enables results to be tapped in real-time.

Smart Systems

AI and Machine learning infused solutions bring next-gen perspective to data platforms. From Chat Bots to more sophisticated AI solutions, we turn the table to make business leverage cutting-edge technologies.

Data governance

Continuously monitor and evolve to remain viable and effective. Looking to start small and scale it up? Leverage our platforms and industry-agnostic data-driven approach to workforce planning that drove competitive advantage to global tech brands.
Data as a fuel for your modern enterprise

Payoda collaborates with you to design your perfect data estate, regardless of technology investments. Our end-to-end data consulting services assist you in aligning your data strategy to a future architecture with governance and autonomous management in mind. Across a varied partner ecosystem, our data analytics, AI, and industry experts collaborate to simplify and solve your specific data challenges securely and at scale.

Data Transformation

Data Transformation

See the technology and cultural changes needed to connect data consumers and creators seamlessly to extract value from all data types.
Data Modernization

Data Modernization

Increase the value of your data in the cloud. We build the business case, perform data discovery and guide your implementation path.
BI Consulting

BI Consulting

Gain insights from limitless data points, and you can determine the next steps in a strategic manner that puts you in control with our BI experts.
Organize, Access, and Protect with Advanced Technologies

The many benefits of data and advanced analytical technologies are a highly graphical, interactive interface, improved performance, and programmable extension via a diverse set of publically available COM interfaces.

apache flink
apache flink
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