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Payoda delivers advanced technology, services and workforce solutions designed to maximize opportunities that exist at the intersection of data, technology and innovation.


Payoda provides extraordinary value to businesses by accelerating the time it takes enterprises to bring innovative solutions to the market, through the utilization of world class talent at an attractive price point.

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I would like to express our sincere admiration for the amazing effort put by Payoda team in our software development project. The hard work and professionalism shown by Payoda team is greatly appreciated. I am very impressed with the effort and dedication you show and very grateful that we can count on your talent going forward as a key members of our team.

Sandeep Digra

ENFOS | CTO and VP of Engineering
We thank our Payoda team for providing exceptional service to Continental Business Credit. You have been a trusted resource and partner throughout the past 3 years. The key factors attributed to our successful partnership are your in-depth technical expertise, advice and product knowledge, your dedication to our needs and requirements and your ability to supply us with a superior software package.

Diane Wagner

Fast AR Funding | Project & Information Technology Manager
Payoda is a strategic partner, that we have come to value more with each passing year. They are flexible and client-centric and have a wide range of services to help startups like ourselves looking to get off the ground or scale at short notice.

Shuaib Mumtaz

Solutions by text | CTO
We have been working with Payoda for some time and overall we are happy with the services that Payoda provides. Some developers are quite experienced and professional. The communication is good overall, and the team can work pretty efficiently as long as they understand the requirements.

Steven Cao

Skills and Thrills | Head of Technology
The Payoda team delivers consistent, excellent results. They're very easy to work with and knowledgeable.

Lewis LaCook

DecisionLink | Senior Application Engineer
The team at Payoda is very responsive to our ongoing requests, makes smart recommendations, and does a great job keeping us informed of potential obstacles to our desired delivery schedule.

Kymberly Vasey

InteQ | Senior VP - Product Development and Marketing
The quality of the finished product is very good. The specifications are well-drafted and understood, estimates are accurate, and follow-up for a high quality finished product is attended to with high professionalism.

William E. Younkes

My Health Advisor | Founder and CEO
The Payoda team is able to complete tasks and work generally unmanaged with minimal direction. Autani continues to be pleased with the level of service Payoda provided from a quality assurance standpoint.

Doug Miller

Autani | Manager of Technical Solutions
Good system to keep up the flow. This team has loyalty and determination to complete projects and to go the extra mile to support projects even if it requires working late into the night.

Supratim Banerjee

CharmingTrim | Senior Project Manager

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