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The Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) industry is experiencing rapid digitalization. As a result, intellectual capital in the form of technologies like Analytics and AI is brought to transform their operations radically. Whether it’s Portfolio Analytics, Financial Risk Management, or Fraud Detection, Payoda helps banking and financial services companies to discover new opportunities, meet the growing needs of millennial customers, and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Managed Account Platform

A robust platform for portfolio management enables portfolio managers with greater information alternatives for fund data.

End to End Transformation Services

A comprehensive framework that offers data monetization (Through APIs) and customizable real-time statistics.

Anomaly Detection using AI

Increase data efficiency and accuracy and detect fraud in real-time, Identify false positives and provide structured reporting.


Integrate key applications and services based on the monitoring outputs using many tools, gaining the required full-stack observability.

Data Security

Protect sensitive data across Hybrid IT environments and per competitive pressures and regulatory bodies.

Banking Cloud

Unlock the cloud’s true benefits with the right strategy, people, and tools to migrate, operate, and secure it.

Banking and financial technology services
Financial Risk Management

Financial Risk Management

Stand through constant changes in regulatory requirements. Payoda’s Financial Risk management solutions assist businesses in addressing these issues with confidence and clarity.
Portfolio Analytics

Portfolio Analytics

With best-in-class reports and custom dashboard visualizations, you can analyze performance, risk, style, and attributes across multiple portfolios and asset classes.


Extract insights and behavioral analytics to personalize insurance products at scale to meet the complete needs of all your customers.
Leverage our capabilities to make a real-world impact.

Advanced Analytics

Leverage data and empower evidence-driven decisions.

Banking Operations

Redesign bank operating models with smart technology.

Cloud Transformation

Scale cost-effectively and enable high-performance initiatives.

Payoda Analytics Platform

A unified solution that combines business intelligence and market insights.

Customer Experience

Reinvent their customer experiences to strengthen trust and purpose.

Omni Channel Insurance Platform

Merge behavioral analytics from your customer’s journey to create personalized messaging.
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