Dive deep into the intersection of Data and AI to transform your FinTech business. Gain practical insights that fuel tech-driven growth.

Know why data pipelines are Fintech’s data insight engine.

Discover secure, scalable data strategies

Give your Fintech company a competitive advantage.

Understand real-time data’s impact

Embark on a transformative journey with Payoda’s expert-led webinar, exploring the dynamic synergy between Artificial Intelligence and Data in FinTech. This session addresses critical challenges in the AI and Data domain, encompassing data cleaning, integration, validation, scalability, security, real-time processing, and data versioning. Learn how AI-powered Data Engineering services can elevate your data strategy, providing effective solutions to these challenges. Join us for invaluable insights!

When: 13th February, 2023 at 12 PM EST | Where: Virtual


Boopalan Jayaraman

Director – Digital Technologies

Boopalan leads organizational initiatives, manages Cloud & Data Analytics projects, and fosters partnerships while driving competency development. He collaborates with clients to craft solutions such as API platforms, interactive dashboards, and enterprise modules.

Vijay Sawal


With over 20 years in IT & Telecom, Vijay is our in-house expert at Payoda is a seasoned leader in design, implementation, and operations. Having spearheaded initiatives at Reliance Industries, Cable & Wireless, COLT, KVH, CMS Computers, and Cisco Systems, he excels in solving complex problems, crafting innovative solutions, and collaborating across all organizational levels.

Trishul Chowdhury

Applied AI Consultant

A seasoned Data Science and AI leader with a decade of experience across Fortune 500 companies specializing in ML, NLP, Deep Learning, and AI architecture. My expertise includes media and marketing analytics, such as MMM, customer segmentation, A/B testing, and more. This professional combines technical prowess with strategic acumen, leading high-performing teams and contributing as a thought leader in AI.

Kauts Shukla

Co-Founder DView

A visionary data leader is dedicated to addressing large-scale data challenges. The mission is to empower emerging data-centric enterprises with a robust DaaS platform for scalable growth and success. With a rich background as a vital member of the core engineering team for industry giants, the individual has a proven track record of developing innovative data-driven strategies, including Data Ingestion Platforms, Machine Learning Platforms, and Customer Data Platforms.

Supratik Shankar

Co-Founder DView

A dedicated professional passionate about unravelling analytics intricacies and assisting high-growth businesses in realizing the full potential of their data. The mission revolves around streamlining data engineering processes and providing a cutting-edge platform to empower companies to overcome data-related challenges. Valuable work experience in the UK brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, making this individual a valuable asset in the field of data-driven solutions.

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