Magneto Migration for a Leading US Retailer | Case Study
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Magneto Migration for a Leading US Retailer

A US-based retailer increases registered users on its web portal by 40% by successfully implementing Magento 2.x and automation of tasks that lead to faster checkout on its web portal. A US-based retail giant with more than 15,000 multi-format stores in 44 states wanted to improve the management of its product pages and attain zero downtime.

The objectives to be met were to:

  • Migrate from eBay to Magento2.x
  • Attract more customers with easy, automated checkout and secure payment options
  • Achieve scalability on the eCommerce platform
  • Enhance the ability of the website to handle huge loads

With this improved solution, product management became easier. Automation of address verification and other procedures eased the checkout process and increased the percentage of registered users by 40%. The site was also able to handle 50000 + SKUs optimally.

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