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About Us

About Us

Payoda in Sanskrit means "rain bearing cloud". A rain bearing cloud brings promise of nurturing and bringing out the best in nature. And that was the premise with which we started on this journey in 2005.

Who we are




Born Digital

We work with both



Our (disruptive) digital services and solutions are already in use with a majority of the Fortune 100 firms and a number of innovative start-ups.

What If!

We are curious. We are inquisitive. We challenge the status quo. We are here because we want to help you change the world. One project at a time.

Enough about us.

Let's talk about you.

We want to talk to you. We want to understand your problems. And we want to help you use technology to help solve it.

What we do


(Products. Solutions. Services.)

We understand digital. End User Research. Human Centered Design. Technology. Product Design. Product Engineering. Analytics. Optimization. Everything that goes into your digital offering: we do it all.


(don't tell)

No slides. Just prototypes. We have a bias for action. We deliver prototypes that show rather than tell. We believe that the greatest ideas usually emerge iteratively, and through action, not discussion.


(We= You + Us)

We make working with us simple. Whatever your need, we’ve got it covered. Our teams creatively augment your existing skills and strengths to help you deliver fast. We share your vision, your passion, and your risk. We partner with you to think through right from a concept to an idea to the eventual delivery.

Good Technology Solutions.

=Design + Engineering

We help craft the right “experience” for your customers. We help you create the magic that lights up their eyes. From user centric concepts, to structured ideation, to elegant and effective design, to robust development, to scalable deployment, we partner with you.

How we do it

Effectiveness: Do more.

(Talk less)

We talk Less. We do more. We fail fast. We learn from our mistakes. We work in intensely collaborative ways to ensure we are building the right things, the right way. We are optimists. We build each other up. And we believe that the biggest innovations often come from small accidents.


Designed to be flexible, we can change everything we do (including our structure) to rapidly respond to your changing needs. We help you address your challenges-- as they emerge.

Talk to us

Say Hello!

Have an inkling of a thought you’d like to bounce off with us? Have an idea you’d like to build on? Have a vision for the future you need a partner for? Great! Let’s talk. You can reach us at Info@Payoda.com

Think you want to work with us?

Come, join us. We are always looking for great talent that shares our passion for design and our vision for a technology enabled future.