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  • Why Your Business Needs Custom Software Development

    Technology is critical to the success of any business in today’s digital age. However, off-the-shelf software solutions may only sometimes meet every organization’s unique needs and requirements. Custom software development is the process of designing and creating software specifically for the needs of a particular organization. This blog will discuss why your business needs custom software […]
  • Data Analytics, Telecom

    Discovering The Possibilities of Data Analytics In the Telecom Industry

    The telecom industry has seen tremendous growth starting from the early 1830s. The industry has significantly made the life of people easier by making things possible such as distant communications, transactions, and collaboration globally. Despite all the technological advances, one of the main challenges in Data analytics for telecom companies is providing equal service throughout […]
  • Cloud

    12 Benefits of Big Data on the Cloud

    Big Data and cloud computing are currently used in many sectors of our modern economy. These two technologies can work together to produce terrific outcomes. Due to its size and sensitivity, extensive data collection should be kept in a safe and efficient setting, like a cloud. As time passes and cloud technology improves, Big Data, becomes the preferred […]
  • Services

    Scope Creep in Project Management: How to Fix It & Reasons to Avoid

    Scope shifts occur when stakeholders add deliverables or push deadlines. This can slow project progress and lower team morale. However, climbing the range can be avoided. This article explains how range drift occurs and what you can do to prevent it. Every project dreads scope creep, which can cost money, reduce satisfaction, and result in […]
  • Cloud

    Emerging Technology Series: Spatial Computing and It’s Revolution

    What is Spatial Computing? Spatial computing is a rapidly evolving technology transforming how we interact with digital content. It is a form of computing that uses sensors, cameras, and other devices to track and analyze the physical world, allowing users to create and manipulate digital content in their three-dimensional space. This technology, which includes virtual, augmented, […]
  • Data Analytics, IoT

    How Big Data Contributes to Internet of Things?

    Technical advancements are becoming more prevalent in business, medicine, industry, and the military and, as a matter of fact, in everyday life too. It happens because the Internet of Things (IoT) enables actual objects to connect to the internet and generate data. However, the data must be managed effectively, and IT tools must expand the storage […]
  • Data Analytics, Industries

    How Important is a Data Fabric Strategy?

    A data fabric applies continuous analytics to existing, discoverable, and inferred metadata assets to help design, deploy, and use integrated and reusable data across all environments, including hybrid and multi-cloud platforms. This blog aims to help you to understand the basic framework and best practices of a data fabric strategy along with some interesting use […]
  • Mobile, Web

    RabbitMQ: Concepts, Business Benefits & How Customers Use It?

    What is RabbitMQ, and how does it work? RabbitMQ is an open-source message broker software that uses AMQP to transmit transfer data, meaning RabbitMQ accepts messages from producers and delivers them to consumers. So RabbitMQ is middleware that reduces loads and delivery time on web application servers. It gives your applications a common platform to send and […]
  • Cloud

    Cloud Technologies Compared — AWS vs. GCP vs. Azure

    Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of IT resources with pay-as-you-go pricing over the Internet. Instead of purchasing, owning, and maintaining physical data centers and servers, users can access technology services, such as storage, computing power, and databases, on a needed basis from a cloud provider. The blog focuses on highlighting the 3 best cloud […]
  • Mobile, Web

    Overview of E2EE (End-to-end Encryption) Services

    “Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside this chat can read or listen to them, not even WhatsApp. Tap to learn more.” This phrase sounds familiar. We all use WhatsApp daily; many of us would have noticed this phrase. Let’s dive into E2EE to get a better understanding of encryption services. What benefits […]
  • Custom Software Development

    Choosing the Right Custom Software Development Company

    Whether you are a start-up, a small company, or a medium-sized business, the key to finding a custom software development company is to have multiple conversations with them and to start small. The most important factor to consider when selecting a custom software development company is that the new partner, while digitally transforming your organization, […]
  • Custom Software Development

    Outsourced and Offshore Software Development Services

    What is Outsourced software development? Software development services such as outsourcing involve transferring all or part of the development processes to a third-party vendor to maintain control over the project. By using this method, businesses can drastically cut development expenses and compensate for the lack of internal IT capabilities. When do businesses need outsourcing software […]
  • Cloud

    Data Lake Vs. Data Warehouse: Key Differences, Benefits, and Challenges

    Data plays a vital role in the research and analysis function, particularly the large amount of data that provides detailed insights into the representations. Organizations collect large amounts of data from various platforms, channels, or resources to develop their business and provide services based on the data availability. Data could be in any format, size, and […]
  • Mobile

    Impact of WorkManager in Android Background Tasks

    WorkManager in Android is a background processing library that is used to conduct background tasks that must be completed in a certain amount of time but not necessarily instantly. We can enqueue our background processing using WorkManager even when the app is not running and the device is reset for whatever reason. Android application developers […]
  • BFSI, Robotic Process Automation

    Intelligent Automation for Financial Services Industry

    Intelligent Automation (IA) is a powerful AI/ML capability with process automation. Intelligent Automation can be called the descendant of robotic process automation (RPA), which is limited to rule-based functions. Intelligent Automation for financial services will drive business innovation by taking over mundane tasks and relieving the mental capacities of employees to focus on better work […]
  • Cloud, Data Analytics

    A Comprehensive Guide to Microsoft Azure Databricks Ecosystem

    Azure Databricks is a powerful and efficient data analytics and data engineering platform built exclusively for Microsoft Azure cloud services. Delta Lake, MLflow, and Koalas are examples of well-known software developed by the company. These are some of the most popular open-source projects in data engineering, data science, and machine learning. Databricks creates web-based Spark […]
  • The Importance of Log files: Log Management, Monitoring, Security and More

    As a beginner, it is normal to use the print() function to print out the things in the console and check whether everything is working fine or debugging. This print() function might be good in the coding phase, but what happens when your application is live in for production environment? We need proper monitoring; the […]
  • Mobile

    Build Real-time Chat Application using Golang, Gorilla Mux, Gosocketio, Vue.js

    In this blog, we will walk through the process of developing a real-time chat application with multiple additional features such as adding profile pictures, exporting chats, group chat, and so on, using golang, Vue js, go socket io, and gorilla mux, among other technologies. Features of Real-time Chat Application When starting up the chat app, […]
  • Mobile

    Mobile Application Development: Productivity Tips for Android 13

    Android 13 enables the Android mobile app development team to build robust apps for different screen sizes, network technologies, CPU/GPU chipsets, and hardware architectures, making the Android platform work for everyone. We have compiled 15 things you should know about Android 13 if you want to develop android mobile applications. It is the upcoming major release of […]
  • Experience Design

    Best Practices for Building a Responsive Web Application Design

    A responsive web application design allows a single website to adapt to different screen sizes. It eliminates the need to create and manage two separate versions of your site, and it’s just as easy to use on a smartphone as on a tablet or a PC. Responsive websites have become a standard as they provide the […]
  • Robotic Process Automation

    Intelligent Automation for Healthcare Industry: Overview & Use-Cases

    Intelligent automation for healthcare is transforming how individuals and communities receive medical care in the modern world. Consumers, providers, and the government all play a role in healthcare delivery, from how it is accessed to how it is paid for and the health outcomes it creates. The healthcare industry processes around $250 billion worth of […]
  • Experience Design

    Behavior Driven Development — The Pathway to Developing the Product Right

    Like any other business, the customer is king in the software industry. Developing, testing, and delivering what the customer wants precisely in terms of functionality, user experience, security, and performance is always the goal. Aggregating and understanding information gleaned from different types of behavioral data from various Omni-channels, and complementing it with an Agile and Behavior […]
  • Mobile, Web

    ReactJS State Management: Top 4 Third Party Libraries for Web Applications

    ReactJs State Management in web applications has increased in popularity over the years and as a result, there are multiple in-built options available. And as typically, as an application grows and the complexity increases, third-party libraries sometimes provide better functionality than the original developer. Third-Party Libraries for Web Application Development State management is a hot […]
  • Cloud, Services

    Build Release Pipeline | Create a DevOps CI/CD Pipeline – Part 2

    Azure DevOps – Build Release Pipeline Build release pipeline to automate deployment and complete the release. In our previous article (part 1), we’ve seen the basics of how to create a pipeline. This article will explore how to expand the basic pipeline developed in the previous blog. But first, let’s define it and examine its […]
  • Cloud

    Azure Build Pipeline | Create a DevOps CI/CD Pipeline – Part 1

    Creating a Build Pipeline Azure DevOps Starter provides a streamlined procedure for setting up a continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipeline to Azure. You can choose an example application or use your code and Git repository for Azure build pipeline. Prerequisites — Azure DevOps Make sure you have the following items: An Azure […]
  • Industries, Services

    Has Advanced Analytics and AI-Enabled Tools Rendered GDPR Useless?

    The European Union (EU) passed the General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR), which was deemed revolutionary in strengthening individuals’ fundamental rights in the digital age. It also helped put in place privacy rules associated with the processing of personal data, and privacy laws while using data for analytic purposes. Some see this as an opportunity to […]
  • BFSI, Experience Design

    FinTech UX Design: Connecting Customers and Digital Banking Brands

    How can users be convinced to give software ratings, other than five stars, in the Google Play and Apple Store and simultaneously win their trust and loyalty? In our case, it’s, Fintech UX design! Payoda has continued to create unique digital banking experiences through custom UX design for global banking brands. We understand that it’s […]
  • Cloud, Services

    Introduction to Azure DevOps Pipelines

    We can use the Azure DevOps Pipelines to automatically build and test our coding projects. The Azure pipeline provides a wide range of features, including continuous integration and delivery, which enable us to continuously test, build, and distribute our code to any target. If you are interested in learning about tools that help manage and […]
  • Uncategorized

    Azure App Service vs Azure Container App Service

    What is Azure App Service?  Azure App Service is a cloud-based website hosting platform built and operated by Microsoft. It’s a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that allows you to publish web applications running on popular frameworks such as .NET, .NET Core, Node.js, Java, PHP, Ruby, and Python.  Payoda utilizes the app to host web apps, REST APIs, […]
  • BFSI

    The Future of Contactless Payment Technologies

    Not only has the pandemic impacted the way we work, travel, and communicate with family and friends, but it has also affected the way we pay for goods and services. Even though contactless payment technology has been around for a decade, the new norms of social isolation and reduced human interaction have brought contactless payments […]
  • Does Talent or Price Drive Your Software Development Vendor Choices?

    This age-old question has always sat squarely in the middle of the fundamental question that all companies address with their vendor choices…does price or quality drive my decision? The biggest obstacle is limited information regarding the vendor on whether they can deliver a price performance-based engagement based on an agreed-upon deliverable. Offshoring for custom software development […]
  • Mobile

    Build Apps with Flutter 3.0: What’s New in the Latest Update?

    Google created Flutter several years ago in an effort to create a cross-platform software framework. The biggest advantage is that you can build apps with Flutter for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS, and even the web, all from the same shared codebase. While building apps for the Windows platform received stable support back in February, macOS […]
  • Experience Design

    Empathy Mapping for UX Teams: The First Step in Design Thinking

    The first step in design thinking is empathy mapping. A visual empathy map is a good way to start user research because it’s easy to understand and digest. When designing a product or service, it’s important to understand how your target audience is completely unaware of what users feel or how they think. The goal […]
  • Experience Design

    Tableau vs Power BI: Key Differentiators and Similarities

    Tableau vs Power BI: These are the two popular business intelligence (BI) tools for collecting, integrating, analyzing, and presenting business data. They both assist in performing data analysis, data manipulation, and data visualization to understand and derive conclusions from various data sets. Power BI has a larger market penetration due to its Microsoft family lineage […]
  • Data Analytics

    12 Customizable Features of Microsoft Power BI

    Power BI is a comprehensive analytic platform that allows you to extract analytics and generate insights from your data. With Power BI, you can create highly interactive, engaging, and powerful reports, dashboards, or graphics from data in formats such as Excel files, SQL databases, BI warehouses, Cloud data, APIs, web pages, and more. Let’s understand […]
  • Data Analytics, Healthcare

    Pharma Analytics: Optimizing the Pharmaceutical Value Chain with Big Data Analytics

    The Pharmaceutical industry, traditionally, has been slow to adopt cutting-edge technologies. A complicated supply chain, a plethora of government compliances and regulations, tight profit margins, and burgeoning competition have been significant reasons hindering the switch to Pharma Analytics. But now, the pandemic has increased these obstacles and has more or less forced pharma companies to transform […]
  • Cloud

    Snowflake Storage Layer: A Data Architecture Built For Cloud

    What is Snowflake? Snowflake is a SaaS cloud computing platform that offers storage and analytics commonly termed “data warehouse- as-a-service”.  Snowflake provides features generally associated with data warehouses such as data lakes, data engineering, data application development, and real-time/shared data. Consumption is built on the three leading cloud service infrastructures (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, […]
  • Data Analytics

    Matomo Platform: A Quick Glance on the Google Analytics Alternative

    Matomo is a comprehensive open-source web analytics platform developed to empower enterprises with behavioral data on their website visitors. Reports are provided via a customizable dashboard in forms ranging from pie charts to bar charts. The data from these reports can be analyzed to make informed decisions on operations and strategy. Advanced web analytics provide companies […]
  • Intelligent Automation for Insurance Business Models

    Many industries are seeing incredible growth due to new automation technology and shifting customer expectations. Unfortunately, the insurance industry has been slower to benefit from these breakthroughs. Today we have “born-in-tech” insurance companies that intelligently and efficiently integrate automation and intelligent technologies into their operational and administrative processes. In this blog, we will be discussing […]
  • Appvance IQ: Test Automation using Artificial Intelligence

    Appvance IQ is one of the test automation tools, and it has some setting up techniques to prepare or create test cases or test scripts or test content or use cases in numerous ways. We can produce the scripts for functional testing, compatibility testing, performance, and load testing, synthetic API Automation, etc. 1.1 Appvance Overview […]
  • Blockchain, Healthcare

    Blockchain in Healthcare: Opportunities, Use Cases and Life Science Solutions

    The blockchain is a decentralized network of nodes storing the same data. When someone wishes to update the data on one node, it must be approved by the other nodes in the network. As a result, it is challenging to fabricate information in a blockchain-based system, making it an ideal solution for securing sensitive data. […]
  • Robotic Process Automation and its Business Benefits

    Robotic process automation (RPA) is a software technology that makes it easy to build software robots to deploy, manage and emulate human actions interacting with digital systems and software. Just like people, software robots can do things like understanding what’s on a screen, completing the right keystrokes, navigating systems, identifying and extracting data, and performing […]
  • Product Engineering

    String Compression Algorithms With .NET and C#

    It is pretty apparent that our future looks more and more digital in all aspects of our lives. To accomplish this digital wave, not only will large amounts of power be needed, but things like network bandwidth and copious amounts of space for disk storage will also be needed. This is where string compression algorithms […]
  • Robotic Process Automation

    Intelligent Automation and Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is associated with autonomous workers capable of mimicking human cognitive functions, whereas Intelligent Automation is focused on the development of better workers, both human and digital. In today’s world, organizations are enamored with the promise of emerging technologies like cognitive computing, artificial intelligence (AI), robots, and various forms of robotic automation. Still, many are […]
  • Cloud

    Cloud Computing Services for Business is the need of the hour: Here’s why!

    Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) are using various cloud computing services for cost-cutting in the current pandemic scenario. The larger companies have also succeeded in introducing the cloud on various levels. As a result, managing expenditures on demand is more cost-effective. Cloud computing enables the storage, management, and processing of data over the internet. The data here can […]
  • E commerce

    Q-Commerce: One of the Fastest Growing eCommerce Models

    The pandemic has brought about several changes in how businesses operate. First, it has caused tremendous disruption in the supply chain, causing the birth of a new sub-vertical of eCommerce named “Q-Commerce,” or quick commerce is the unique selling point (USP) of lightning-fast deliveries, providing convenience and instant gratification to customers. This is the beginning […]
  • IoT, Mobile

    Touchless Technology: Importance & Applications in Today’s World

    With huge competition in the mobile app development industry, applications that do not satisfy the market requirements have to face the threat of being thrown out of the game. The demand for touchless technology has skyrocketed due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and we are forced to consider safety. Customers are constantly looking […]
  • Mobile

    Cache Warming: Know it’s Importance to Improve Website Performance

    What is Cache Warming? Warming up cache is when websites artificially fill the cache to ensure that real visitors always have access to it when needed. Essentially, it warms up the cache for visits rather than serving the first visitor a cache miss (thus the word ‘warming’, as in warming up a car engine). We’re […]
  • Data Analytics

    Power BI Dashboards: Eight Practices Every Enterprise Should Know

    Businesses require various reports to track their activity and analyze specific parts of their operations. Creating meaningful and actionable reports, on the other hand, is a challenging task. Power BI dashboards design considers UX and the data demands of users needing access while combining these needs with broader corporate goals. It’s not only about presenting […]
  • Cloud

    What is SASE? Secure Access Service Edge | Cloud Computing Security

    Secure Access Service Edge is a cloud-based service for streamlining network access, improving security, boosting network performance, and reducing the number of vendors into a single service provider. SASE was coined by the global research and advisory firm Gartner. SASE networks are flexible and scalable, able to connect globally distributed employees and offices across any […]
  • Quality Engineering

    Lean Quality Assurance for Improved Software Development: Best Practices & Application

    The History of Lean Methodology In the 1950s, the renowned carmaker Toyota faced severe problems in its production line. The manufacturing chains were too complex and lengthy, and customers were not getting their orders on time. Toyota had to reinvent its approach or lose out to its competition. As a result, Lean quality assurance or […]
  • Data Analytics

    Big Data & 5G Technology – Hope or Hype?

    5G is the 5th generation mobile network and its implementation has been wildly anticipated as a game-changer for all things mobile-related. It is a new global wireless standard, 100 times faster than current 4G network capabilities. 5G technology is designed to increase the network speed and responsiveness of wireless networks. With 5G trending worldwide, let’s […]
  • Product Engineering

    CSS in JS: Introduction, Thorough Analysis & Advantages

    What is CSS in JS? CSS in JS relates to the practice of including CSS in .js files. Writing CSS in global CSS files will not be efficient as the CSS files may be loaded in any order and may override the styles in any order. CSS in JS libraries helps bundle the Javascript components […]
  • E commerce, Uncategorized

    Magento 1 vs. Magento 2 | 10 Key Differences You Should Know About

    Magento is a popular PHP-based open-source eCommerce software. Magento launched initially on March 31, 2008, 13 years ago. In the middle of the year, 2015 Magento 2.0 initial version was released. Magento 1 reached its End of Life on June 30, 2020. On a high level, the latest version of Magento Outperforms Magento 1 with […]
  • Experience Design, Mobile

    Responsive Design Testing: All You Need to Know | Benefits, Challenges and Checklist

    Smartphone usage has increased dramatically in recent years. Only 2/3rds of mobile users had a smartphone in 2014, and of those only 22% of those used it to browse the internet. The introduction of 4G internet was a game-changer. By the end of 2016, mobile web usage had overtaken desktop for the first time. Mobile […]
  • Healthcare

    Healthcare Digitization: The Importance of Health Stack Digitization

    Healthcare digitization is an important agenda item for numerous countries globally. The COVID-19 pandemic has helped stoke the need to accelerate digital transformation initiatives in healthcare and the patient experience. And even though there have been many advances in healthcare and medical technology…there is still a lot that needs to be accomplished in digital transformations […]
  • Robotic Process Automation

    Robotic Process Automation: Performing Repetitive Tasks to Emulate Human Actions

    RPA or Robotic Process Automation is changing the world we live in every day. RPA uses software bots that emulate human operations on top of applications to automate transactions. Software users create software bots/robots to carry out repetitive tasks. For example, let’s take a coffee vending machine…a person will not be standing there preparing the beverages. The […]
  • Mobile

    RabbitMQ, Kafka, and Redis: Which Message Broker to choose for a MicroService?

    Message brokers validate, store, route, and deliver messages to the appropriate destinations. The blog compares RabbitMQ, Kafka, and Redis on basis of choosing a message broker for microservice. Before we deep dive into details,  it is important to know about Asynchronous communication. It is typically managed through a message broker. There are other ways also, […]
  • IoT

    Introduction to the Azure IoT Products and an Overview of Azure IoT Hub

    The Azure IoT is a collection of Microsoft Azure managed cloud services that monitor and control IoT devices. In other words, an IoT Solution is a process of establishing a communication channel between IoT devices and back-end services hosted in the cloud. Azure IoT products and tools can help you create next-generation IoT solutions, whether you’re […]
  • E commerce, Quality Engineering

    Automation for Ecommerce: Top 5 Factors that Influence your strategy

    Should you have an automation strategy? What are some best practices for implementing an automation strategy? Before we discuss the factors influencing automation for Ecommerce business strategy, let’s first understand the purpose. Automation is used to reduce the time and cost involved in manual functional testing and repetitive tasks. As it relates to manual testing, […]
  • Product Engineering

    GraphQL Client for Angular | Working with Apollo

    Apollo Client is a JavaScript state management framework that allows you to manage both local and remote data using GraphQL. It may be used to fetch, cache, and alter application data while also automatically updating your UI. Apollo Client assists you in structuring code in a cost-effective, predictable, and declarative manner that is consistent with […]
  • Mobile, Web

    Integrating Apollo GraphQL Client with Angular

    Apollo Client is a JavaScript state management framework that allows you to manage both local and remote data using GraphQL. It may be used to fetch, cache, and alter application data while also automatically updating your UI. Apollo Client assists you in structuring code in a cost-effective, predictable, and declarative manner that is consistent with […]
  • Manufacturing

    Intelligent Production: Quality Assurance practices that save Money & Effort

    The common vision that most organizations have for Quality Assurance is that their investment in terms of money and effort will be repaid through the improvement in the quality of the end product. They hope that in the long run, the maintenance cost will be lowered, which in turn would lead to greater profitability. That’s […]
  • Quality Engineering

    Continuous Testing for Catalyzing the software development lifecycle

    Gone are the days when production-ready code is handed to QA teams in a silo, only to await feedback with bated breath. Why does this methodology cause anxiety? It’s because the chances are that an efficient QA team, capable of digesting the requirements in full and one that tests the obvious and every nook and corner of the product from various perspectives, might, in most cases, report issues that would require a whole lot of effort and cost to fix.
  • Cloud

    Crucial Factors to Consider Before Migrating to Cloud

    Cloud computing is the on-demand utilization of servers, data storage, development tools such as databases, networks, etc., over the internet. Cloud computing enables enterprise organizations to get their applications up and run faster. With lesser maintenance and improved manageability, it allows teams to adjust rapidly to meet fluctuating resource needs.
  • Data Analytics

    Diving into Neo4j and Its Query Language - Cypher

    Neo4j is probably the most common graph database that you’re going to run into. Neo4j supports a query language called Cypher. Lets understand this a little better.
  • Data Analytics

    What and Why of Graph Databases

    The first thought that comes to your head when you hear graphs is the dreadful graph theory from mathematics which further translates to boring, complex, and so on… Luckily for us, we don’t need a lot of Graph theory to learn about Twitter’s database to connect 330 million monthly active users! But let’s have a look at an easy explanation for graphs.
  • Mobile

    Insights into the .NET Multi-Platform App UI - MAUI

    Microsoft’s latest cross-platform offering .NET MAUI is the next generation of Xamarin.Forms and is the evolution of Xamarin.Forms toolkit. .NET MAUI (.NET Multi-platform App UI) will bring commendable consistency to the developer experience and enable innovative and new experiences for developers.
  • Data Analytics

    Apache Nifi - Data Ingestion Tool

    Apache Nifi - is a data flow management system that comes along with a UI tool that will be easy to handle. It’s a data logistics platform that automates the transfer of data between different systems. Since it provides real-time control it is easy to manage the movement of data between any source and destination.
  • Web

    Write clean and quality code with SOLID Principles

    SOLID is an acronym that stands for five design principles. This helps to design a more understandable, flexible, reliable, and easily maintainable software. These principles are the basics of a good software design.
  • Mobile, Web

    Implementing AI in Web and Mobile Development

    From driverless vehicles to virtual specialists, AI is changing the way we live, work, travel, and work together in the 21st century. Luckily, numerous organizations understand the significance of getting up to speed with AI innovation and carrying out it.
  • Data Analytics

    Making something big out of Big Data

    Very nearly twenty years after the expression “Big Data” was authored, manufacturers have understood that the way to taking advantage of big data isn’t quantity however quality is most important.
  • Quality Engineering

    Automated Analysis of Test Script failures using Machine Learning

    The aim of this blog is to propose a theoretical model/workflow for a test automation report analysis tool that can perform an intelligent and automated analysis of failed scripts and provide a detailed, insightful report to significantly reduce the manual effort involved in this activity.
  • Web

    Emerging Trends in DotNet

    It’s conceivable to visualize back six an extended time approximately to see the roots of those days within the open sourcing of .NET and also the creation of the .NET Foundation. The platform was the previous .NET Framework, which required an independent body to manage it through migration to modular.
  • Data Analytics

    The What & Why of Time Series Database?

    Before getting into why and what of Time-Series Database, let us first understand what Time-Series data is all about and its significance. Read here to know more.
  • Quality Engineering

    Chatbot Testing: Features to Check and Quality Tips to Remember

    Chatbots are AI-based computer programs that simulate human conversations by understanding context and deriving meaning from spoken or written language. Bots interpret the objective of the conversation and provide relevant answers or directions. Chatbots communicate through text as well as voice and are classified according to the industry in which they are used such as banking chatbots, medical chatbots, personal finance chatbots, etc. Chatbots have become the favored medium to strengthen customer support.
  • Web

    Why should Digital Marketing be an integral part of any business strategy?

    Digital marketing utilizes the internet and online-based digital technologies such as computers, mobile devices, and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. It is the inevitable future of the marketing world. Digital marketing found its first strong footing during the 1990s and 2000s and changed the way brands and businesses used technology for marketing.
  • BFSI, Healthcare, Manufacturing

    Why Digital Transformation is essential for Business growth

    Digital Transformation refers to the adoption of digital operations and tools to reach strategic business goals. It encompasses everything that is involved in the business of an IT company right from internal processes to customer interactions. Whether it is a small business or a large enterprise, digital transformation is an absolute necessity in the modern technological era.
  • BFSI, Fraud Detection

    Role of AI and ML in Insurance Fraud Detection

    Insurance frauds have been in existence ever since the inception of the concept of insurance. False claims and incorrect statements in subscriptions cause the insurance companies to lose several millions of dollars every year. An FBI report states that the total value of insurance fraud is approximated to be more than $40 billion per year. The loss on fraudulent insurance claims last year reached $34 billion in the U.S alone.
  • Quality Engineering

    In-Sprint Automation: Is it just a wish or can it be achieved?

    In- Sprint Automation: that’s a dream for every project manager and client working in Agile. But very rarely do we see project teams considering this option because the source code development and the UI Automation code development together have very high chances of expanding beyond the allocated sprint duration. So we decide to settle for n-1 sprint automation as it’s the next best thing.
  • IoT

    Alert handling in IoT Applications

    An IoT alerting system provides a cost-efficient way to convey instantaneous messages to designated people for appropriate measures to be taken. Their implementations are many and across domains. The most important component of the IoT alert handling system is the sensors which can be wired or wireless sensors. Sensors are used to detect and measure various physical phenomena such as heat and pressure as well as the five human senses - sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.
  • Cloud

    Google Cloud Anthos - Configuring Google Cloud Anthos for Multi-Cluster Operation - Part 3

    This is part-3 of the Google Cloud Anthos Series. In this blog, we will learn about Kubectl, Kubectx, Registering clusters with Anthos, how to create a service account, role, and role binding.
  • Cloud

    Google Cloud Anthos -Creating Clusters using Kubernetes Engine - Part 2

    This is part-2 of the Google Cloud Anthos Series. Please click here for part 1: Google Cloud Anthos covering the basics of Anthos and Kubernetes. In this blog, we will learn to 1. Create Kubernetes clusters in GCP and Azure cloud, 2. Role binding in GCP and 3. Enabling services in both GCP and Azure
  • Cloud

    Google Cloud Anthos - Multi-Cloud Orchestration: Part 1

    This is part-1 of the Google Cloud Anthos Series. This is a series of blogs divided into three parts. We will be creating a hybrid environment for Kubernetes using Anthos (a modern application management platform that provides a consistent development and operations experience for cloud and on-premises environments).
  • Cloud

    How to upload large files in the BackBlaze B2 bucket

    Nowadays, cloud is ruling the IT industry, a lot of companies are entering into cloud storage like Amazon S3, Azure blob, etc. Backblaze B2 is also a cloud bucket that is a simple, reliable, affordable object storage.
  • Mobile

    State Management in Flutter using BLoC

    State management plays an important role in the flutter application. It helps us to synchronize the state of all the components throughout the application. The developer needs to know the state of the application at any point in time. We can achieve this by using many approaches like Provider, Redux, BLoC, and so on. In this article, we discuss more on BLoC.
  • Quality Engineering

    Introduction to Functional Web Automation with Robot Framework

    Robot framework is an open-source test automation tool that handles acceptance testing. This tool uses the inbuilt selenium library to call keywords along with the test data, and hence it can be used to cover the functional automation workflows for web applications. The robot framework is application agnostic. The core framework accepts the Python scripting language.
  • Case Studies, Cloud

    Cloud Deployment Models and Real-Time Use Cases

    Cloud has been around a while now but the deployment models and their use cases are still misty (pun intended). Business models find it hard to analyze the pros, cons, and the need for the three deployment models: Public, Private and Hybrid. This article will analyze the differences, use cases, and real-time examples for each cloud deployment model.
  • Quality Engineering

    Does your Test Automation code smell? Here’s how you can launder it!

    The psychological purpose of automated testing, apart from all the statistical purposes of effort and cost reduction, is that they give a sense of comfort and joy to members of the project and to the stakeholders. The comfort of continuous testing keeps everyone relaxed because, with each line of code modification or new feature built-in, the automated tests confirm whether or not there are impacts.
  • Efficient and Effective Mobile App Testing

    A mobile application is a program that is built to be used on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, and wearables). With the global boom of mobile device usage in the last decade, the scope of mobile applications has also increased enormously. The mobile apps in the market currently perform most of the tasks that were previously restricted to a PC.
  • Web

    Traditional REST API vs GraphQL: What you need to know

    Traditional REST API provides an easier way for interaction between the client and the server via HTTP protocols with predefined data formats (json, xml, text, html). This is client-server architecture emerged in 2000 the user interface will be away from the data warehouse to make the user interface support across various platforms.
  • Mobile

    Converting Java to ObjC: J2ObjC

    J2ObjC is an open-source tool developed by Google, which allows sharing the of code between iOS and Android. The Java extension file is reused in iOS where J2ObjC converts java classes to objective-c classes. For example, when you return an array in a method the j2objc will translate the Java code to return a subclass of iOSArray where the objective-c gets compiled by the Xcode.
  • Mobile

    What’s new with Android 12

    Google has officially announced the Android 12 features and update in Google I/O 2021 event. This company revealed the user-facing features, including a Material You design, tweaked UI, and more, which weren’t there in the developer previews that have been released so far. Additionally, the next major version of Android is said to be more secure, personal, and work with other devices. It also comes with dozens of improvements and new privacy and security features.
  • Web

    Optimize your Angular App using Web Workers

    Users always like fast and responsive web applications. They may become impatient if a web application takes more than ~3s to load and run in the browser. So, it is vital to think about optimizing the applications whenever we start developing a new web app or adding new features to the existing application.
  • IoT

    Edge Computing - Network On the Edge

    Edge Computing, a fuzzy term is a networking technology that mainly focuses on bringing core computing as close to the source of data in order to reduce the latency and bandwidth. In similar terms, edge means running fewer processes in the local places, such as on a user’s computer, an IoT device, or an edge server.
  • Web

    Insight into AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages

    How long will a user wait for a mobile/web page to load? 40% of the users will leave the page if it loads more than 3 secs. But the fact is most of the sites take around 6.9 seconds to load which is more than double the amount of time 40% of the users wait before quitting the page.
  • IoT

    Sustainment of Data Security Resilience in IoT

    Around the world today, every device is transforming into digital and all these devices are being connected with other devices for aiding mankind. This automatically denotes the Internet of Things which is the center of the storm in today’s technology. IoT is the power of daily objectives to connect to the internet for the exchange of data with one another.
  • Mobile

    An Introduction to Automating iOS Mobile Apps with XCUITest Framework

    XCUITest is Apple’s native UI testing framework that is built on top of the XCTest framework. It supports Swift and Objective-C programming languages. It tests the UI layer and interacts with the mobile app the way a real user would. It also compliments the Unit testing that’s done using XCTest. This framework covers the broader aspects of any iOS mobile app functionality and is effective for integration testing.
  • Mobile

    Simulating Network Conditions for Comprehensive Mobile App Testing

    Mobile Apps behave strangely when there is low network service or when network service is out of range. Every one of us would have experienced this in places such as elevators, subways, remote places, etc. The best way to prevent mobile apps from being impacted by such network abnormalities is to perform comprehensive network testing and build apps that are ready to encounter real-world network fluctuations.
  • Web

    Static Site generator (SSG) - Improve Performance by Prebuilding Pages

    Static site generator(SSG) is a tool to pre-build the entire frontend into highly optimized static pages and assets during the build process. It is an alternative to database-driven content management systems(CMS) like WordPress and Drupal. In the traditional CMS, the content is stored in the database. When a request is made by the server, the data is retrieved in the backend and merged with the template files, and sent as an HTML page as a response.
  • Product Engineering

    Integrate Google Signup and retrieve profile information from Google using OAuth2.0 for Web Applications

    Signing up into an application using Google has now become a preferable option for users as it avoids remembering passwords. It also ensures that users creating an account in the application use a valid email and the authentication part is taken care of by Google. Let’s look into the steps which are required to integrate Google Signup.
  • Product Engineering, Web

    Building a Proxy Server with Nodejs

    A proxy is an intermediate application in the middle of two services, which has the ability to modify and give back requests and responses both ways. This blog will prove as a good basis to start building a proxy server. A proxy server acts on behalf of the user. It evaluates all the requests and responses and thus it provides a layer of security.
  • BFSI, Fraud Detection

    Estimating Unpaid claims using Expected claims Technique in Insurance

    The expected claim method is usually used by Insurers when entering new lines of business or new territories. This method is more commonly used in lines of business with longer emergency patterns ad settlements like Medical Negligence, Workmen compensations, Product liability, etc.
  • Healthcare

    Virtual Reality Assisted Learning in Healthcare

    Advancements in medical devices, diagnostic methods, treatment procedures, and medications contribute to better patient outcomes and healthier lives. But the training system has not advanced neck to neck when compared to the innovations in the medical field. Teaching surgeons poorly or not teaching them enough about these complex procedures and technologies will prove to be damaging for those who go under their knife. Complications would arise from those very innovations that were intended to bring benefits.
  • BFSI

    Diving into Dynamic Financial Analysis

    DFA is a manner of viewing the world; it is not a specific model or procedure rather it is a perspective. Stochastic simulation, scenario testing, financial modeling, risk covariance, sensitivity estimation- all the terms that are associated with dynamic financial analysis - are handmaidens to the central perspective.
  • Mobile, Web

    Flutter 2.0 — Next generation framework for Web & Desktop

    Google has finally launched the Flutter 2.0 version at a Flutter Engage event. It’s an open-source UI development kit that helps to develop cross-platform applications using a similar codebase. Using Flutter 2, We can deliver native applications with a similar codebase to the top 5 Operating Systems: Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and macOS.
  • Experience Design

    Standups for Scaled Agile (SAFe) Teams

    SAFe-Scaled Agile Framework is a free source available online. Its understanding base allows you to apply the lean-agile practice at the enterprise level. It provides a unique and lightweight experience for the software development process. It is divided into three chapters. Those are Team, Program, and Portfolio.
  • BFSI

    Significance of Insurance Product Design using Competent Technologies

    When it comes to designing an insurance product, the insurer has to keep in mind the customer need, preferences, appropriate delivery mechanism, regulatory requirements, and knowledge of local and global conditions even though there is no “one size fits all“ solution.
  • Healthcare

    Detect anomalies in Chest X-Ray scans using Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Neural networks have revolutionized image processing in a variety of domains. The field of medical imaging is one of them. In this blog, we’ll look at how to create an application that works with Chest X-Ray (CXR) images. Finally, you’ll be given a working code to experiment with.
  • Web

    Designing REST API’s the right way

    There are few ways an API can be designed, REST [Representational State Transfer] is an Architectural style through which APIs can be well designed. Whether you are a pragmatic or idealistic programmer, it is always required to have the basic Architectural design with all the edge cases carefully considered for any API server.
  • Healthcare

    Importance of Cloud Computing in Healthcare

    The use of the cloud, provides an opportunity to the health care environment to improve services for patients, to easily share information, improve operational efficiency, and streamline costs. It makes medical record-sharing easier and safer, automates backend operations, and even facilitates the creation, and maintenance of telehealth apps.
  • Web

    File upload with Express Multer Middleware

    File upload is a common functionality that is required even for the most basic applications. Even a simple website that requires user sign-up offers an option to upload profile pictures. The main feature offered by any social media website is file upload
  • Healthcare

    The Role of Conversational AI in Healthcare

    Conversational AI is a solution that incorporates AI techniques such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to automate conversations with end users. They go above and beyond rule-based answering engines to understand the context, analyze the text and speech, the intent behind the questions and also consider the user’s preferences.
  • Web

    Framework or CMS — What’s the better option?

    Before deciding which option to choose, it is important to understand Framework and CMS and their role in website development. Read here to understand the differences better and choose the best option.
  • IoT

    Internet of Behavior (IoB) — Quick Insights

    IoB seeks to understand the data collected from online user interactions through behavioral psychology. It seeks to answer the question of how to understand information, and how to use that knowledge to create and market new products, all from a personal point of view.
  • Product Engineering

    C# 9 — Learn Five New features in 10 mins

    C# is well on the way to his third decade of life. Originally released in 2000, the language has grown and changed across 9 major versions. Once a knock-off of Java into all, but the name leaped forward on many aspects.
  • Data Analytics

    Python for Data Science: Understanding the Trend

    In this digital era of high technologies, data becomes an essential part of business and enterprise. It is crucial to process and analyze the data as fast as possible with high accuracy. Since the data volume is huge, managing them becomes a herculean task. Data science engineering helps to overcome data difficulties efficiently.
  • Uncategorized

    How Important is it to Upskill?

    Upskilling yourself can cost money, but they are going to pay off with a strong ROI. Contributing just a few hours a day to learning will bring in a major boost for your career, be it hunting for a new job or excelling in your current one.
  • Product Engineering

    The Curious Case of Rails Association

    Thanks for choosing to read this. And I assure you that reading this blog will be fun. This blog is about my experience with an issue that I faced with Rails Association and how I got to the root cause of the issue and found a solution to it. Check out the blog!
  • Product Engineering

    The Great, Big-O-Notation and Javascript: A Never-ending tale of Time and Space Complexity — Part 1*

    Big O notation is a mathematical notation that describes the limiting behavior of a function when the argument tends towards a particular value or infinity. It is a member of a family of notations invented by Paul Bachmann, Edmund Landau, and others, collectively called Bachmann–Landau notation or asymptotic notation.
  • Quality Engineering

    Cypress — A Cool Tool for End-to-End Testing

    Cypress is a Javascript end-to-end testing tool to test anything that runs on a browser. End-to-end testing is a technique to make sure that the application behaves properly from start to end. Cypress makes sure your web application is tested thoroughly before sending it to quality assurance for testing and to deliver your code confidently.
  • Mobile

    Diving into the growing trends of Reactive Programming for Mobile UI Development

    All the users are expecting a very fast and responsive UI in the mobile apps. Reactive programming plays a major role which helps a lot with a near-second update of UI. It runs asynchronous for heavy work in different threads and updating the UI in the main thread. This helps in a seamless experience for the user.
  • Product Engineering

    Product Engineering with Redis | Get started with Data Types, Commands, and more

    Redis allows replication of data across multiple replica servers. Even if the primary server experiences an outage, it can be recovered at a fast pace. Redis also offers a vast scope of other benefits, making it a popular choice for a wide range of applications across multiple industries and use cases.
  • Experience Design

    How Gamification drives Customer Engagement

    The heart of any design philosophy is user engagement. With a user-centered approach, designers are constantly on the lookout for new techniques to enhance user engagement with products. The main objective of gamification in UX is to have strong emotional appeal, even in UI for serious aims. Gamification in UX design has assumed high importance in recent years.
  • Uncategorized

    Indoor Positioning system — How to setup Indoor Atlas Positioning

    Positioning systems played a major role in people’s lives since the GPS satellite technology, Cellular technology(AGPS). Satellite-based positioning fails indoors because flooring & accuracy may fail, but other technology standards have made indoor positioning possible.
  • BFSI

    Insights into Risk Management in the Insurance Industry

    A preexistence of a proper risk management culture underpins a risk management framework. Risk management-related communications and taking strict actions for violations, including disciplinary actions send the right signals across the organization. On the positive side, good risk management communication acts as an educative tool to assist the functional heads to build a solid risk management framework.
  • Product Engineering

    Behavior Driven Development with Mocha

    Behaviour Driven Development primarily focuses on the behavior of the end-user. The test cases focus on how a particular module should behave for particular action or input of the user. Read to know more.
  • Data Analytics

    Extract meaningful information from Big Data using NLP and Machine Learning

    Most often, AI systems are exposed to a vast variety of information such as the voice of a person, images with text content, raw documents like NEWS articles, etc. In order to act on this unstructured form of information (data), the AI has to perform one of the crucial processes called Information Extraction(IE).
  • Product Engineering

    Insights on Database Caching Approaches

    Before deciding the caching pattern, it is important to analyze the frequency of the underlying data update. It is also important to evaluate the risk of outdated data returned to the application. Read for more information.
  • IoT

    Expedite Performance of Node.js for CPU intensive applications like IoT

    In the fast-moving world, everyone likes it right! Of course, the tiny devices make our life simpler with the fastest internet connectivity and communications. Take a look at our blog.
  • Product Engineering

    Pair Programming — An Agile Approach

    Pair Programming is a powerful programming approach in which team members mutually work in pairs can actually benefit from it and not all can easily adapt. It involves and requires soft skills along with the required technical stack skills
  • Web

    Insights: Converting Angular Applications into a PWA

    PWA stands for Progressive Web App and is web applications that have the advantage of both web and native controls. It’s built using common web technologies HTML, CSS, and JavaScript following a standard pattern. Let’s dive into the blog.
  • Cloud

    Archiving Azure Application Insights Data for Deep Analytics

    Did you have an incident on your Insights data that you want to analyze offline? Does your current plan doesn’t allow you to store Insights data for more than a specified period, usually 3 months? Read here on how this can be solved.
  • IoT

    Indoors and Outdoors — How and where IoT devices can be used for energy saving

    In this fast-moving world we humans expect ease in executing each of our days to day activities. In our busy schedule, we forget to turn off the television, air conditioner, heaters, lights, close garage doors, etc., On the other hand office premises, shopping malls, theme parks, schools, colleges are all paying third-party vendors in order to monitor the temperature, air index, light controls, fire extinguishers, and emergency power backups.
  • Cloud

    How Serverless Computing Scales Business

    Serverless Computing is the latest paradigm in the Cloud Infra Management space as it dynamically allocates the required resources like servers, storage spaces, App Engines, Database requirements dynamically to execute a piece of code.
  • Quality Engineering

    Cyclomatic Complexity in Software Programming

    Software Design is the process to convert the client user requirements into a few reasonable forms which help the developers during the coding and implementation stages. It deals with transforming the client requirements, as described in the SRS (Software Requirement Specification) document, into a form.
  • Cloud

    DevOps as a Catalyst for High-Performance Teams

    This article intends to dive into how the need for DevOps culture has evolved in the software industry over the recent years and how various tools, processes, and technologies have helped bring value to a lot of teams across the world that build amazing software at a very high pace.
  • Mobile

    Insights into App Clips

    Apple introduced a significant feature for both developers and users in iOS 14 — App clips. A simplified version of your app that provides access to some basic functionalities to the users. Your app clip will be available in the real-world environment and not in digital stores.
  • Healthcare

    The Significance of APIs in the Healthcare Industry

    APIs play a vital role in healthcare IT communication since it permits data interchange among patients and healthcare providers. Before API came into the picture, it was difficult for healthcare contributors to engage patients and retrieve information. Read more here.
  • Mobile

    Modern Gateway to Mobile App Development

    Mobile application development has evolved over the years tremendously, and it is still growing as the world demands. Android and iOS are the two platforms that occupy most of the mobile world.
  • Web

    Microservice Usage in Application Architecture

    Microservice enables the creating of a product instead of a project. The team can focus on business goals with its own technology platform to extend the feature. It will not impact other services technology because of loosely coupled architecture; it is also very handy for speeding up quality since each Microservice can be tested individually.
  • BFSI

    Personal Financial Management: Financial Planning II

    With great financial planning, one can achieve their goals. All it takes is research, time, and dedication. Here’s some pointers on getting there.
  • Web

    An Overview of Redux

    Redux is a non-persistence session-level state management technique. The data is available across the application until you refresh or close the browser. Read for more information.
  • BFSI

    Personal Financial Management: Golden Rules of Investing

    With a bit of smart planning and investing you can easily cushion any crisis such as covid 19 or any future events. Get to know how, here.
  • BFSI

    Scale Up your Business with the Planet’s most active Personal Messaging Platform — Whatsapp Business API

    Whatsapp could be used effectively for our Business Development, Quality & Personalised Customer Service, Product endorsement at a lower cost. Read more.
  • Mobile

    Async Operations with Kotlin Coroutines

    Handling multitasking on Android is always a challenging and tedious job. However, with the Kotlin coroutine adoption, it is much easier for developers to write asynchronous code without blocking user interface and create a way to ease the developer jobs.
  • Experience Design

    Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality vs Mixed Reality

    A blog to guide you and help you understand the major differences between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. Read here for more information!
  • Cloud

    Azure Storage: Why we should make the move

    Azure Storage is Microsoft’s managed service providing cloud storage solution created recently to solve these for modern data storage scenarios. Azure Storage is highly available, durable, scalable, secure, and redundant.
  • Mobile

    App Thinning for Mobile Applications

    App thinning is a concept for modern-day applications that has a lot of resources on it. This helps developers make lightweight apps, that download fast and occupy minimum disk space.
  • BFSI

    Takaful Insurance — a simplified approach

    Takaful Insurance is quite a vague phenomenon not known to many. Keeping this in mind, this blog is an effort to give a broad idea of the concepts, operations, and processes involved in Takaful Insurance.
  • Web

    Understanding The Fundamentals of CMS Web Security

    In the emerging world, millions of websites running on content management systems. Here are a few tips and tactics that can help protect your website from uninvited guests to your business.
  • Web

    gRPC — A recent communication protocol

    gRPC stands for Remote Procedure Call, which is an open-source technology used for remote procedure call system. In some ways, gRPC is like REST which provides a provision to send requests from a client to a server. However, these are different in some ways. Find out more.
  • BFSI

    Importance of Analytics and IT intervention in Insurance Sectors

    IT is playing a critical role in insurance companies’ growth, with the help of specific trending technologies. There is bound to be more pressure on the industry over the coming years from greater competition, even-more fickle consumers, and increased regulation.
  • Quality Engineering

    Nourishing the Practice of Quality Assurance

    If you have the intention for your product baby to be nourished carefully and grow up to be a strong and viable person, then you have got to pay the nanny tester well, give them freedom and space and treat them like family.
  • Web

    Web Frameworks: React Continues to Reign

    React had an enormous impact on web development, bringing with it ease and innovation useful for developers across the board. It has shown to be the most dominant JavaScript Web Framework in the past year, and the stats suggest that this will continue in years to come
  • Experience Design

    Storytelling: The Magic in UX

    Storytelling in UX is including the process of ideation and experience into the design process, in the expectation that it meets the consumer demand. In this blog, we will dive deep into its importance, advantages, and more.
  • Healthcare

    Harnessing the True Transformational Power of Real-World Data in Healthcare

    RWD is worth its weight in gold, as it provides critical insights into the health situation and treatment effectiveness in a more representative and diverse group of patients. Know more.
  • Mobile

    Insight: Dark Mode in iOS 13

    Apple’s inbuilt apps support dark mode and also third-party apps have options to add dark mode. Find out what’s interesting.
  • Web

    Typescript or Standard Selenium Test Framework: which works best for your Project?

    Which open-source framework should I choose when it comes to automating web applications — Selenium or Protractor? This is a key question that every automation engineer should ask himself. We have the answers.
  • Web

    Evolution of the PHP Framework

    PHP is the most popular scripting language in the world, used for many different purposes — flexibility, easy to use, when compared to other frameworks — but often, coding in PHP, or any other language for that matter, can get rather monotonous and repetitive.
  • Quality Engineering

    Agile Risk-based Software Testing

    Risk Analysis has made the professional experience of testers simpler and more remunerative. Once you get to know the risk areas, it becomes easier to formulate plans and curb them successfully. Take a look.
  • Mobile

    Accelerate Android Development using Jetpack Components

    Developing Android applications is a complex process and many developers have a lack of knowledge about architecting their apps that can result in a good robust app — to deliver an extendable, maintainable, and testable codebase.
  • Cloud

    Azure Bot Service — Microsoft Bot Framework, Channels, and Cognitive Services

    Azure Bot Service helps us to build, connect, test, deploy, and manage bots. Read more.
  • Mobile, Quality Engineering

    Top reasons for Mobile App Failures and how to avoid them through Proactive Testing

    What do techie and business people fail to do or do wrong that makes their mobile apps fail? Here’s some insights.
  • BFSI

    Introduction to the concepts of Cryptocurrency

    In this blog, we will cover topics such as Cryptocurrency, bitcoins, and crypto-jacking.
  • Mobile

    Advancement in Auto Layout using Size Classes

    Size classes are an excellent solution that helps create adaptable layouts which look great in all orientation and size. Take a look.
  • Quality Engineering

    Shift Left — An approach towards Continuous Quality Improvement

    Testing continues to plague modern development methods irrespective of how agile the teams are. The solution is simple.
  • Web

    Top 10 PHP Frameworks in 2020

    A PHP framework will help new developers easily get started with working on the project. It is easy to read and understand, test, maintain, and develop further. Read more.
  • Mobile

    Designing API’s with gRPC

    gRPC Remote Procedure call is a high performance, open-source, feature-rich RPC framework. The ideal usage of gRPC is for inter-service communication in microservices and for communication between mobile applications and servers.
  • Healthcare

    NLP’s potential to be Sherlock Holmes in enhancing our Watson minds

    Healthcare has an unfathomable amount of data — medical histories, chart notes, prescriptions, medical claims data, lab results and imageries, data from clinical trials, the list is never-ending. So what can be done?
  • Mobile

    App Development for Foldable Smartphones

    While on the surface level it appears that it is only about having flexible UX in mobile apps, the impact is a lot more massive.
  • Healthcare

    Cyber Security: When Prevention is better than the Cure

    Patient data is incredibly lucrative as it provides one of the highest payoffs to hackers on the dark web and hence Healthcare systems would always remain favored targets
  • Healthcare

    A Doctor On Call is a Doctor Indeed

    The usage and adoption of telehealth is already on track for exponential growth with the era of COVID-19 causing panic and paranoia in the minds of healthcare consumers around the world.
  • BFSI

    Insight into Diverse Risk Assessment Techniques

    A business strategy to identify, assess, and prepare for any hazard that may interfere with the organization’s operation and objective
  • Web

    How can ReactJS enrich your application User Interface?

    Let’s take a look at how ReactJS can enrich your application User Interface.
  • Mobile

    A glance into Machine Learning in Mobile Apps

    Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence continue to transform each field by helping one to think broader and come up with innovative solutions for the business. Know how.
  • Mobile

    Source Control & Shortcuts in GIT: understanding the significance

    Source control is the practice of tracking and managing code changes in software projects. This is also known as Version control. Let’s take a look.
  • Healthcare

    Leveraging the Omnipresence of Social Media in Healthcare

    Social Media and Healthcare is not just a mighty combination but also an essential one. Reports say that almost 90% of older adults who are on social media use it to receive or share health information.
  • BFSI

    Hedge Funds vs. Mutual Funds: everything worth knowing

    Hedge Funds and Mutual Funds are some of the many pooled investment products with the aim of achieving higher returns overtime on the investments. Here’s the difference.
  • BFSI

    Risk Assessment & Determine Policy Premiums using Telematics

    The insurance industry should always be data-centric. The introduction of Telematics and usage of this technological advancement in this industry will predict the accuracy and stop the fraudulent claims in an efficient manner.
  • Mobile

    What’s interesting about the Bubble Notification in the Android 11

    Bubbles help you minimize your application into a small icon, which can be moved around and placed anywhere on the screen and floats to the top of all other applications.
  • BFSI

    Asset Management Terminologies that you need to know

    We’ve put together a list of Asset Management Terminologies to guide you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or expert, this will act as a cheat sheet to have all the information you require. Take a look.
  • BFSI

    Marine Insurance takes advantage of the benefits of Big data

    Insurance companies can leverage Big data technology to redefine the legacy insurance process to an automated data-driven optimized process. Learn how here.
  • Healthcare

    Cutting Edge Technologies that are Catapulting Precision Medicine into Becoming a Reality

    Precision Medicine and personalized treatment plans will allow doctors and researchers to predict more accurately which treatment plans, prevention strategies, and drugs for a particular disease will work in which groups of people.
  • Healthcare

    State of the Art Technology to tackle the Epidemic of Opioid Crisis

    Big Data Analytics and AI have proven their mettle in the early detection of drug-seeking behavior and providing crucial data to healthcare providers who can then identify at-risk patients who have a history of drug dependency before they prescribe to them.
  • BFSI

    A Quick Lesson on the Functions of Insurance and Risk Management

    Insurance has some primary functions and various secondary functions and limitations as well. Let’s take a look
  • Mobile

    Declarative Programming – a new way of App design for Apple platforms

    Declarative programming is the way of describing logic with self-explanation which makes anyone understand the code easily. This helps with code readability and the knowledge transfer becomes easier.
  • Mobile

    Bugsnag- An Automated Crash Discernment Platform for Web and Mobile Applications

    Even with the most carefully written code, errors can sometimes still slip through. When such errors occur, it’s important to know about them quickly. That’s where error reporting tools like Bugsnag helps us. Get notified about errors quickly!
  • BFSI, Fraud Detection

    Insurance Fraud Detection — all that you need to know

    As per the law of Indemnity- one of the basic principles of Insurance states about the claims and by nature of the insurance, it is a vital part of the contract obliged by any insurance provider to compensate the Insured for a covered loss or policy event.
  • BFSI

    The Relevance of INCO Terminology in Marine Cargo Insurance

    The global economy has resulted in a manifold increase in the volume of international trade. This has further resulted in a manifold increase in…
  • IoT

    Edge Computing and IoT: Diving into their relationship

    Edge Computing has pushed intelligence to an end in the domain of IoT. Data-handling operations are…
  • Experience Design

    Emotional Design in Mobile Applications

    Emotions are instrumental. They place a central role in the human ability to perceive, understand and to learn about the world at large.
  • Manufacturing

    Textile Industry: Knit IoT for Improved Results

    The textile industry faces increasingly tough times as labor costs deepen and customer expectations evolve. Today’s digitally empowered customers…
  • Manufacturing

    Five questions to ask when choosing an IoT Provider for your Textile Manufacturing Company

    Given the rapid adoption of IoT in manufacturing, becoming IoT-ready is no longer a nice-to-have but need-to-have for textile manufacturing…
  • Healthcare

    The Keys to building a Compliant & Secure Healthcare Application

    When the quality of software directly impacts someone’s life, the role of QA becomes that much more crucial.
  • Experience Design

    Materialize is Good, but is it better than Bootstrap or Semantic-UI?

    If you are a developer who is confused about the right front-end framework to choose, this article will guide you in picking the framework based…
  • Data Analytics, Healthcare

    Big Data Analytics & Healthcare – a challenging yet ideal combination

    Big data has fundamentally changed the way healthcare organizations manage, analyze, and leverage data.
  • Healthcare, Industries

    Cyber Security: When Prevention is better than the Cure

    Patient data is incredibly lucrative as it provides one of the highest payoffs to hackers on the..
  • BFSI

    Communication and Information Technology in the Reinsurance Business

    Reinsurance provides financial stability to insurance companies by increasing their solvency.
  • Web

    Here’s why Web Security is the Need of the Hour

    Web security is essential for all websites especially for websites that are dealing with..
  • Cloud, Product Engineering

    Kubernetes Breaks Cloud Barriers

    Kubernetes, an open-source Orchestration software is developed in the Google platform and it..
  • Manufacturing

    Industrial IoT: A money spinner for textile manufacturers

    As manufacturing enterprises actively seek innovation to compete effectively and differentiate themselves amidst digital disruption, IoT…
  • Mobile

    Let’s now Automate App Store Connect with APIs!

    App Store Connect API Now Apple provides an App Store Connect API for developers to automate..
  • Blockchain, Healthcare

    Healthcare PHI Interoperability & Management

    The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated the hiccups in legacy healthcare platforms and technologies..
  • Product Engineering, Web

    Insight on when to use Docker

    Understanding what Docker is: Docker is a tool that permits developers, system admins to simply..
  • Data Analytics

    Artificial Intelligence as a Service

    In the recent world, the IT industry evolves mostly with buzzing tech words like Artificial..
  • Web

    Becoming a Nimble and Dexterous Developer using WebSockets in NodeJS

    WebSockets: An Introduction: WebSocket is a protocol that provides a way for the client..
  • Quality Engineering

    The Subtle Intricacies of Testing & Finding Issues That Matter

    Any software application should be viewed as a box. A quality assurance professional should play..
  • BFSI

    ‘Risking’ it With the Next Wave of RPA

    Erica works for a big bank. She is a chatty assistant who helps the customers of Bank of America with their queries. Sometimes, she helps them…
  • Experience Design

    Powering Up Empty States!

    Empty states play a central role to engage, retain, and delight users at critical moments. In the..
  • Blockchain

    What’s driving Blockchain forward?

    Blockchain is a much talked about technology and as it is not currently used in its full potential, there..
  • Quality Engineering

    What does it take to be an Agile Tester?

    In the agile testing methodology, the role of a quality assurance professional is much more dynamic..
  • Cloud

    6 ways to reduce Cloud Application Deployment Costs

    Cost optimization is a pressing concern for organizations that are looking to deploy..
  • Quality Engineering

    Effective and Efficient Cross-Browser/Device Testing

    When we develop and deliver a web application or a mobile app, do we know on which browser,..
  • Mobile

    Insight into the Next Generation IpadOS

    iPadOS — 14 In the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2020, Apple..
  • Data Analytics

    How can Machine Learning Transform E-Commerce?

    AI and Machine Learning are mainstream these days, and leading organizations like Apple and Google..
  • Mobile

    Deep Linking in Mobile Platforms

    Mobile devices have become our third hand in day-to-day life. We do everything on our mobile..
  • Shift Left — An approach towards Continuous Quality Improvement

    A majority of the software development teams across the world are adopting Agile..
  • Cloud, Quality Engineering

    5 Ways Artificial Intelligence shapes the Future of Test Automation

    Introduction: AI and ML are transforming our daily lives in many ways. Many of the business..
  • IoT

    MQTT in IoT Communication

    MQTT — Message Queuing Telemetry Transport protocol was founded by Andy Stanford-Clark..
  • IoT

    An Insight into Payoda’s Experience in IoT Quality Assurance

    At Payoda we analyze, test, observe, report, regress, ensure and certify the correlative behavior of..

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