Serverless Computing: The next big opportunity for digital enterprises

Executive Summary

Infrastructure-as-a-service has come a long way. It has evolved into a multitude of offerings with new entrants joining the race in an effort to provide service offerings that minimize costs for the business while maximizing efficiency of IT operations.

Not so long ago, businesses were forced to maintain cost prohibitive infrastructure on-premise. The arrival of on-demand services enables organizations to outsource their infrastructure requirements and pay only for what they use. As just-in-time methodologies are being leveraged across business functions to drive cost efficiencies, the time is ripe for application development to follow a similar approach. Serverless computing enables organizations to leverage utility computing, thereby increasing throughput and decreasing overall costs of developing and maintaining applications.

This paper analyzes how serverless computing impacts cost, performance and development effort in terms of time required to implement a solution.  In addition, it highlights a comparative study of older methodologies to serverless computing and illustrates an insurance system use case focusing on Azure capabilities using serverless and container services.

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