Reducing Time-to-Value in Cloud Migrations: Three Best Practices

Executive Summary

The fact that faster cloud migration translates into superior business outcomes and faster ROI has been proven beyond a doubt. Digest this – 75% of cloud-first organizations say that within six months of moving their workloads to the cloud, they have been able to boost their competitive positions on the back of faster time to market. Mass migrators i.e. those who plan to move all or most of their applications to the cloud benefit more as compared to steady or cautious migrators who believe in going slow.  Either way, cloud adoption poses challenges and successful migration requires more than just a good understanding of the technology. Time and speed being the key drivers of any organization’s move towards cloud, a single miscalculated step can result in time, cost, and resource overruns that are detrimental to the overall business. Interestingly, despite all the hype around cloud adoption, only 3% of organizations that migrate workloads have optimized cloud migration strategies in place.

This paper highlights proven best practices that organizations can use to accelerate their cloud migration, regardless of whether they are well into their cloud journey or just starting off.

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