Digital Analytics: Fueling the Industry 4.0 Revolution

Wondering how IoT can play a critical role in strategically improve your business operations?

Digital technologies have, in a relatively short span of time, redefined the way businesses strategize, operate, and connect. Organizations’ reactions to the disruption, on the other hand, have been vastly different. While some are leading the digital revolution, others are adopting a wait-and-watch approach when it comes to enterprise-wide digital transformation. Manufacturers mostly fall in the latter category, owing largely to their historically on-off relationship with technology. But this equation is set to change and that too, sooner rather than later. The Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial analytics are catching the fancy of manufacturers in a big way  – 69% of decision makers in the manufacturing space believe analytics will be crucial for business success by 2020, while over 15% believe it to be so, even today.

This paper highlights how IoT can make a significant difference to manufacturing outcomes in three key areas, including operations, supply chain management and innovation. It also recommends a three-phased approach for implementation success.

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