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Microservice Usage in Application Architecture

Microservices is the latest topic in the software development area these days. This article shines a light on the good reasons as to why we should use them.

Loosely coupled services: The old-fashioned way of building enterprise applications using a monolithic approach has become questionable as applications get larger and more complex. The Microservice approach tackles the problem of complexity by loosely coupled application into a set of services that are much faster to develop, test, and easier to understand and support.

Scalable: Monolithic architecture applications can also be hard to scale when different business cases have conflicting resource needs, where Microservice architecture enables each service can be scaled independently without any difficulties.

The Microservice application split into a set of smaller, interconnected services instead of building a single monolithic application. Each Microservice is a small application that has its own business logic, data access layer.

Maintainability and Adopting New Technologies -

Services can create with different technologies and the developers are free to choose whatever technologies for their service and it enables each Microservice to be deployed interdependent as monolithic has difficulties in adopting new technologies. Since changes in technology or languages will affect an entire application, it is extremely expensive in both time and cost. When facing any issue in monolithic, it will impact the entire application. Whereas, Microservice will impact only that particular service and deployed the hardware.

Microservice enables the creating of a product instead of a project. The team can focus on business goals with its own technology platform to extend the feature. It will not impact other services technology because of loosely coupled architecture; it is also very handy for speeding up quality since each Microservice can be tested individually.

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