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Enabling Next-Generation Digital Experiences with our 360° Web And Mobility Solutions

Customers want a better digital experience in this new symbiotic web world. Our user-friendly web application design focuses on streamlining business processes and bringing the best on-demand market features to give you a competitive advantage. We bring our mobility services helping you to reach, acquire and retain your target customers by enabling a radical transformation.

How can we help you?

Content Management Systems

Our radical Content Management Systems helps you to manage you web content in ways that compliment your business. Whether you need to optimize your existing CMS or build new one to accommodate your evolving business, we are there to help. With highly responsive designs and a robust architecture, our traditional CMS platforms provide a great end user experience.
We understand your goals and business scenario before suggesting ideal CMS platforms. We assume full accountability to design, develop, customize, deploy and manage web content that can maximize your returns and help you stay competitive.

Our Traditional CMS Platforms

Traditional CMS Offerings - Website Design & Development, Plugin & Responsive Theme Development, Website builders for quick page creation, Social Feed Integrations, Cloud Deployment, Chat Support, SEO/ Social Share, Contextual Search, Headless APIs, Web Traffic Analysis, Security, Performance Tuning/ Speed Optimization, CDN Support, XMLRPC, Workflow Customization, Localization

Headless CMS

Our headless CMS solutions are ideal for clients, who want to be able to create, manage and exercise maximum control on their web content. With reduced codes and easier integration, these Headless CMS platforms allow you to easily add features, personalize the content and update easily. The added benefits being reduced admin costs and faster deployment.

Headless CMS Platforms

Headless CMS Offerings - Website Design & Development, Responsive Theme Development, Social Feed Integrations, GraphQL/REST, Cloud Deployment, Chat Support, SEO/ Social Share, Contextual Search, Web Traffic Analysis, Security, Performance Tuning/ Speed Optimization, CDN Support


E-commerce allows you to explore, expand and grow indefinitely by opening up new demographics for your business. Through our interactive web designs you can deliver an enriched end user experience. Our holistic services can help you acquire, engage and retain consumers like never before. Avail our various web services to power your E-commerce business and experience infinite growth.

How can we impact your e-commerce business?

Interactive and responsive web/app designs

Counsel on selection of appropriate platform

Platform up gradation and Migration

Advanced AI Analysis to aid marketing and stimulate sales

Cloud Deployment and integrations to accentuate your ecommerce portals

Security and PCI Compliance

Visually aesthetic and highly customer engagement features

E-commerce Platforms

Enterprise Application Integration Solutions

Seamlessly connect applications, data, business processes and users across the enterprise with Dell Boomi

Make security compliances and standards de facto across implementation with Dell Boomi

API first integrations with Mulesoft enable faster time to market

Accelerate with connectors to standardize integrations

Low code platforms like OutSystems enable rapid prototyping and faster time to market

ERP Modules

ERP made smarter! Manage your small and medium enterprises with Cloud powered ERP integrations, automate your ecommerce business and deliver valuable buying experience to your customers.

NetSuite - A best in class Cloud ERP solution that streamlines your business processes and unlocks new opportunities you can pursue with confidence. Our Netsuite ERP integrated with e-Commerce Catalogue makes real time data available to customers that naturally enhance the value of their experience with your service. What you get is service oriented architecture, a perfect blend of robustness and purpose driven design.

SAGE50 – A perfect Cloud based Accounting software for Small and Medium Enterprises. Now you can manage your finances and assess your performance on the go. With our customized integration scenarios, you can improve your customer engagement levels. These integrations help you to synchronize customer and catalogue data amplifying your selling opportunities.

SAGE 300 - Another Cloud based ERP solution that allows you manage your finance, accounts and inventory from anywhere. We build Cloud based integration platforms for SAGE300 and sync it with customer / catalogue data. This renders your ecommerce platform flexibility- your users will enjoy. You can automate orders, manage inventory, and simplify shipping & payment procedures.

QuickBooks - Our powerful integration platform for QuickBooks allows it to be synchronized with customer orders. Thus helping you to manage your orders, inventory, payment while keeping your accounting records updated with real time data.

Shipping Module

Payment Modules

3rd Party Integration Services

These services primarily aid in extending the functionalities of your applications and provide a valuable web experience to your customers. With our comprehensive 3rd party integrations, you can create websites, accelerate your marketing processes, build identity management systems, manage product data, track visitor traffic on your website and a lot more.

Benefits you can experience

Add features your customers would like and delight them with a personalized experience every time they log in.

Expand payment options and automate the various payment gateways available on your e-commerce platform

Manage and exercise control over sensitive customer data.

Engage customers and rise beyond satisfying them.

Share and collaborate with clients over secure networks.

Our modules - Adobe BC, Silverpop, Knotice, SSO using SAML, WebCollage, Traid, Sprintbot, Google Shopping, Facebook Pixel, PepperJam, Montate, Avatax

Customer Relationship Management

Our Comprehensive CRM solutions are not just about satisfying your customers. It is an approach that puts the customer at the heart of all your business operations.

Our CRM solutions help you to

Retrieve, track and efficiently manage real time customer data and interactions to close the deals faster.

Get hold of comprehensive and live data about customers. This information inspires you to draw conclusions and makes decision making quicker and better.

Automate and scale e-mail marketing to achieve higher customer engagement and orientation.

Be omnipresent to redress customer grievances and provide them an impactful social experience.

Increase your new customer base and maintain existing ones by optimum synchronization of all business processes pertaining to marketing, customer service and social media.

Marketing Automation (Unica, Eloqua)

Avail our Marketing Automation Applications to discover promising customers; entice them with the right campaigns and earn customers for a lifetime.

Our Marketing Automation software enables you to

Scale your marketing activities and draw your prospective customers with highly interactive, visually appealing user interfaces.

Up the game of precision marketing with Software applications like Unica. Target and reach good leads through reliable network.

Make your customer really feel that they are important with highly personalized digital marketing solutions.

Manage assorted marketing resources data; generate quality leads; empower sales personnel; target customers through multiple channels and employ personalized marketing campaigns to increase your customers and gain better ROI

Social Media Integration

Every organization is trying to tap the hidden resource of social media and leverage it to improve their marketing strategies. At Payoda, we use improved social media listening tools like Radian6 and Sysomos to unearth the business prospective social media can contribute to your immeasurable growth and sustenance.

Using these revolutionary social media monitoring applications you can

Monitor and record wide range of customer related data spread across social media platform

Get actionable insights from data subjected to AI algorithms and create marketing campaigns and make marketing related decisions.

Measure the impact of your marketing programmes and choice of marketing channels.

Get comprehensive picture of your brand health and improvise instantly

Improve customer service and chart out future marketing goals to track and acquire new customers.

Explore full potential of Social media and use it to your entity’s advantage while earning a good ROI.

Our Expertise

Our mobile team develops efficient applications in various mobile platforms with OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) which translates into a high performing mobile application. During the app development phase, we follow the Test – driven development approach (TDD) to ensure better app functionality; an efficient architecture and a reduced development life cycle that delivers a great user experience.


Our teams are adept in developing Native Android and Native iOS applications that are extensively used in Banking, Healthcare , IoT, Ecommerce, Media and Entertainment, Communication, Social and Manufacturing sectors. 

Native iOS

Objective C and Swift impart certain robustness and dynamism to Native iOS apps while giving a safer user experience

The Native iOS app created with reusable frameworks reduces work effort- which means we will deliver more products in less time.

We also develop App Clips for iOS applications that permit users to instead load just a small part of an app on demand, when required.

Native Android

Our technical teams are proficient in creating Android apps in both Java and Kotlin.

Reusable custom libraries, Software development kit , you name it - we do it all

We also create Instant apps that allow your customers to enjoy limited features without installing the main app.

Cross Platform

If you are looking for mobile apps that work seamlessly in both iOS and Android, then Payoda is your one stop solution. Our technical team develops cross platform apps that are optimally priced without compromising on the Native look and feel.

These are the diverse Frameworks we work in, to deliver the most functional and unique Mobile Applications.


Flutter, a part of Google UI toolkit, is used to develop natively compiled mobile, desktop, and web applications. We use Flutter to

Create high performing and faster apps compiled with Ahead of Time (AOT) compilation

Design aesthetically brilliant apps with Flutter’s layered architecture to provide the best user experience


We build flawless cross platform apps using Xamarin - an open source platform owned by Microsoft.

It is fully .NET based and can produce true Android and iOS mobile apps concurrently.

Binding libraries are used to integrate the reusable iOS and Android components

Save on development costs, as the codes work on both Android and iOS

React Native

We create bespoke digital products using state-of-the-art development frameworks like React Native, an open source mobile application framework created by Facebook. With React Native we

Create custom build high performing mobile apps

Create apps that work flawlessly on cross platforms

Combine Native Development and React Native, to build apps with robust user interfaces

Hybrid App Development

Our competent team of developers use immensely evolving hybrid app development to make superior performing web and mobile applications. We build strong, robust, and bespoke digital applications that help businesses.


One of the best frameworks for faster Hybrid app development. Our team has in-depth knowledge in Ionic framework and are capable of creating captivating digital applications suitable for multifaceted business requirements.

Titanium App Development

Titanium is an open source and extensible development environment for creating native applications across different mobile platforms. Our seasoned developers leverage the advantages that Titanium offers to build highly robust and scalable web and mobile applications.

Smart Watch App development

If you thought Smart-wear is the next big thing, you are absolutely right. Our list of capabilities in this area is extensive and so are the prospects.

A glimpse of our specializations

Effective applications for Apple watches- apps that can track the wearer’s heart rate, steps, sleeping hours, calories and other fitness parameters.

Develop Wear OS applications that support Smart Watches.

Advanced Tizen frameworks blended with Native applications that render a comfortable user experience.

Smart TV App Development

Get connected with millions of viewers to provide rich 10-foot user experience through Smart TV applications for Apple TV and Android based Smart TV in various domains.

Live Streaming


Infotainment Apps

In the new eco-system, infotainment platforms are technologically advanced and even smarter to connect your gadgets from Mobile to TV and now in the car. Driver optimized apps for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to connect your Automotive OS

Media apps for cars

GPS Navigation and maps

Security control systems

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Devices in Testing Lab
Total Testing Cost Saved

Why us?

We listen We Empathize We Deliver
Our team is comprised of experts with years of industry experience. They understand your business, products and consumers.

Technically charged and outcome driven approach
Our technically proficient teams are known to design and develop websites/ apps that your customers will enjoy interacting with. Our applications are ordained to engage users and deliver a beguiling experience they will always come back to.

Unique solutions for unique situations
Our web solutions are versatile, user friendly and created keeping in mind the diverse needs, limitations and your preferences. We do not believe in one size fits all approach. We deliver wha you want and how you want it.

Accomplish more with Advanced Analytics
Our team of industry’s best analytical minds can provide you strategic solutions that help you explore new opportunities, attain competitive edge and achieve greater heights in customer service.

With Payoda you are technologically sorted
Our list of capabilities and offerings are endless. Our team of designers, developers, testers and data scientist partner with you in every stage, providing comprehensive solutions that reflect your ideas and our technical acumen.

Why us?

We listen We Empathize We Deliver

Our team is composed of experts with years of industry experience. Cross Industry knowledge helps us to deliver web solutions that are personalized to your specific business model.

Technically charged and outcome driven approach

Our technically proficient teams are known to design/ develop  web services that will engage your customers. Our web applications are ordained to deliver a beguiling experience they will always come back to.

Unique solutions for unique situations

Our web solutions are versatile, user friendly and created keeping in mind the diverse needs, limitations and your preferences. We do not believe in one size fits all approach. We deliver wha you want and how you want it.

Accomplish more with Advanced Analytics

Our team of industry’s best analytical minds can design you AI based ERP solutions that help you gain crucial  customer acuity and enhance your operational efficiency.

With Payoda you are technologically sorted

Our list of capabilities and offerings in web services domain are endless. Our team of designers, developers, testers and data scientists  partner with you in every stage, providing comprehensive web/ E-commerce solutions that reflect your ideas and our technical acumen.

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