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Cloud Transformation

Unleash your business’ limitless potential by harnessing the transformational power of cloud

We help businesses modernize their infrastructure and applications through cloud services, cloud software, and infrastructure solutions. We enable you to align business challenges with solutions tailored to your requirements, goals, and resources. With our proven experience, we help you gain higher levels of agility and resiliency at scale while mitigating the risk of moving business-critical processes.

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Cloud Native Development

Digital market today requires all businesses to be agile. Leveraging the benefits of cloud is maximized when technology development and operations is set to be cloud native. Cloud-native development encompasses

Agile methodology


Multi-tenant cloud platforms for simplified complex releases

Containers like Kubernetes and Docker

Devops, Simplified complex releases, CI/CD

Cloud Transformation

Cloud readiness requires moving, managing legacy on-prem operations into modern cloud. Migrating into the cloud involves standard operating procedures in addition to enterprise specific considerations to ensure success.

End-to-End Lift and Shift Migrations

Evolve from OnPrem to Cloud

Leverage Hybrid cloud approaches with best of on-prem and cloud

Infra Automation and DevOps

Establishing pipelines and repeatable infrastructure is essential for stable environments and business critical operations. Automation enables reduced hussle and peace of business.

Implement effective CI/CD process across software lifecycle

Repeatable infra automation with Infrastructure as Code

Optimize operations to reduce cost


Security is paramount and moving to cloud brings new challenges. Taming the threats require new strategies and technology incorporations.

Implement infrastructure security right from the core

Automate security gates with in DevOps workflows

Auditable security reports

Triage security threats early


AI enabled CloudOps is the pinnacle to devOps enabling businesses to be proactive, secure and operate at speed. Bring new age approaches to traditional problems and newer challenges, gaining an edge on the trade.

Shift from reactive operations to proactive operations

Forecast issues and operational glitches before they often

Incorporate Anomaly detection, Performance analysis and historical analysis

Bring about Change risk analysis, SD Agent performance analysis and Knowledge management

Cloud Competencies

Testing Engineers
Projects Successfully Completed
Devices in Testing Lab
Total Testing Cost Saved

How do we impact your business?

  • An encouraging and supportive work climate at Payoda fosters efficient learning and knowledge creation. Thus enabling our competent workforce to stay updated with the latest technologies and tools.

Our constant obsession with new age technology and tools helps us to generate radical and unique business solutions that can transform your ideas to reality.

As a growing and expanding organization we value quality above quantity and strive harder to provide the best of business solutions to you.

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