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A Doctor On Call is a Doctor Indeed – A Case Study on the Telehealth Boom

A US leader in the healthcare sector effectively achieves a cost-benefit of USD 1.3 million with the highly integrated scalable IT premises created for Telehealth services. The client was searching for a solution that could enable their Doctors and Physicians to conquer distance and provide vital health care to all patients during the Pandemic. With the rising demand for Telehealth services, the client wanted to revamp their existing IT environment and scale it up using a cost-effective solution.

The objectives of the client were to:

  • Enable multi-party, omnichannel video conferencing tools and applications for remote consultations, data transfer, and connectivity with patients worldwide.
  • Scale the existing system cost-effectively for remote patient monitoring, video consultations, health education, and patient self-monitoring apps.

With Payoda’s competent technical assistance, the client could re-engineer their existing IT environment while building security, scalability, and efficiency into it. The healthcare providers succeeded in obtaining a cost-benefit of USD 1.3 million and providing eminent medical assistance to remote patients.

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