IoT & Connected machines help the Textile Manufacturing industry improve productivity by 54%

Learn how IoT and connected machines helped a large textile manufacturing company achieve 54% productivity improvement while also reducing maintenance costs by 38%

The textile manufacturing industry requires several heavy duty machines as part of their production processes. Maintaining these and ensuring that each piece of equipment works effectively is a key part of ensuring their productivity.

While many of these machines see usage over several years, and processes are in place to monitor the health and performance of these machines across their lifetime, advances in technology like IoT and connected machines are changing the landscape today.

  • Advanced analytics helps monitor the performance of the machines
  • Insights are used to improve lifetime and productivity of the equipment reducing maintenance cost by 38%
  • Machine anomalies are predicted in advance
  • Alternative solutions are provided to ensure smooth functioning of the process
  • This also resulted in an efficiency increase of 54%

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