Top reasons why CTOs are choosing Python

March 5, 2018

Python was first released in 1991. Since then, the language has changed considerably but the uses remain the same. The fact to remember about Python is that it is utilitarian and a general purpose language. It is designed in a way that eliminates conventional syntax making it easy even for non-programmers to understand. Python is so easy to learn that developers learn it has a secondary skill and as an addition to their primary stack of skills.


World’s biggest tech company, Google uses Python for a number of applications

Here are some of the reasons why IT teams and leaders are adding Python aggressively:

Python has a healthy, active support community.

Since the language has been in use for quite some time now, there are many go-to resources like tutorials, guides, manuals and so on. Python also has a very active online community for discussions and help.

Python is thriving with Google sponsorship.

With corporate sponsorship, the growth and future of a technology become very positive. Google has been backing Python because of which there is a growing list of documentation and support tools combined with free advertising for the language, in the development world.

Python works well with data.

Python is simple when it comes to large data handling. This attribute is making the language a preferred choice for initiatives in big data, cloud, machine learning, AI systems and various modern technologies.

Python has great references.

When working on bigger projects, reference libraries can really help save time and cut down on the initial development cycle. Libraries have also been created with a specific focus in mind

Python is efficient.

Programmers who have been using the language for many years suggest that speed, reliability, and efficiency summarize the key benefits of using Python. Python can work in any environment without any loss of performance – web development, desktop applications, mobile applications, hardware and more

Python is accessible.

Python is a great language for new and young developers – simplified syntax with an emphasis on natural language makes writing and executing Python code much faster.

The massive popularity of the Python indicates its success as a modern coding language. Programmers worldwide for developing a variety of the web, desktop GUI, and mobile applications using Python. The massive market share and popularity of Python continues to remain unchanged over time.