Digital Twin : The new Business Imperative

By Starlin Daniel Raj | February 21, 2019

The concept Digital Twin evolved at the fastest over IOT. We are in an era, where smart devices equipped with sensors are highly in use. Such devices facilitate real-time problems in different conditions which we identify and resolve at the earliest.

They are also integrated with cloud for analysis and further preventions. That’s how a digital twin was born. It’s more like a pairing connect, with its real-life counterpart in digital form. Thus, the problems can be dealt before they even occur and thereby prevent downtime situations as well.

When we have a digital twin available, there is much lesser tendency to touch live product/application and have the problems resolved much quicker and easier. It is indeed a product that improves itself.

Connecting Physical and Digital world is what it does. It is already off to a good start with Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. Its ability to provide early warnings, predictions and optimization is fairly universal.

Digital Twin is expected to do wonders in Healthcare industries.

According to analysts tracking this space, the digital twin market is expected to reach over USD 15 billion by 2023.

Digital Twin could also be very well utilized in transport, energy and manufacturing fields. Complex machines could be designed and tested virtually before deploying it physically.

During maintenance, field men can work on digital twin to test the proposed fix before applying it to its real counterpart.

“The Process Digital Twin is the next level of digital transformation, compounding Product Digital Twin benefits throughout the factory and supply chain,” says Microsoft.

Tech Giants such as Microsoft, Oracle and GE have Digital Twin technology offerings for organizations that look to develop and deploy Digital Twin in IoT environments.

Research firm Gartner Inc. named the digital twin one of its top 10 strategic technology trends for 2017. Within three to five years billions of things will be represented by digital twin, the firm says.

The potential to use digital twin is limitless with reference to IoT. We can definitely achieve improved customer experience, better product performance and make better strategic and operational decisions.

Digital Twin has already initiated its huge impact on various manufacturers and growing industries.

Right from the product design through development until deployment, Digital Twin plays a crucial role in making the product success. Be it the maintenance of existing products or creating new products based on existing designs, Digital Twin with IoT has long way to run and mark its success in future.

Benefits of Digital Twin Technology
  1. Powered together with AI, Machine-Learning and data analytics, digital twin can replicate the physical twin in a sensible way
  2. Product development time & cost
  3. Fine-tuned decisions
  4. Scalable
  5. Increase accuracy