Digital customer solution is a secret ingredient for many companies success today! Customer experience truly involves the process of knowing your customer expectations right and serving them better. To do that, one should follow the three mantras- engaging customers better, building strong relationship and increasing customer loyalty- to succeed through digital customer experience.

Customer experience or CX means providing a seamless experience throughout the customer journey across the various points of customer interaction rather than just offering a product or service at a single point. Customers today are demanding, and with the help of internet and social media they gather information fast and this translates to higher expectations. When their turn comes, they demand first class service that is fully personalized, and that’s where many companies fail to meet their customer’s expectations.

customer journey

Some top brands analyse and anticipate the future needs of digital customer experience and try to create a creative, memorable and delightful experience that helps them retain their top position. This subtle promotion also has a chance of winning new customers. However, giving the exact experience aligned to customer expectation is not always possible, and organisations that rely on customer expectations to create model experiences must also come up with their own ideas to attract customers in a highly competitive market because customers can and will switch their loyalties to a different company when they experience a poor user experience. To avoid such problems, companies can leverage analytics to help them provide a better and more unified customer experience that is consistent and delightful across all their touch points..

To stay ahead in the growing competitive market, personalizing the customer experience is the best way and many companies are already doing it. Technology has made detailed tracking of customer preferences and history much easier today.. ends and insights can be accurately identified from the tracked data using big data analytics. A report from Wharton says, eighty six percent of mobile marketers have reported success but only two percent of apps personalize the experience- according to Mobile Marketing Automation Report. Companies that provide personalized services have increased the engagement, revenue and conversation.

Contextual UX is again used to personalize the user experience to meet unique user needs based on specific situation or context of use. In order to  deliver the relevant information at the right moment, one needs to understand the user’s context. User context is much more than identifying the time and location. Historical data is a key to identify the right user context. One such example is the Nest thermostat that will learn one’s household behavior over time and adjust the home’s temperature based on the user activity.

Some examples of Customer Experience

  1. Starbucks

Starbucks is an American coffee company and has a chain of coffeehouses worldwide. Unlike others, the company has invested in technology to provide better customer experience that includes, installation of wireless phone chargers and high-spec cloud-based Clover coffee machines that tracks customer preferences and machine performance. It also uses web and mobile presence across its sites and apps to provide users with a holistic digital experience. In addition, they have smartpoints where customers can enjoy free internet service.  They believed even small changes can bring a difference. They put endless efforts in redesigning the core product, continuous innovation and reconnecting with customers made them earn loyal customers.

  1. LYFT

Lyft is a California based transportation network company, operates in 300+ U.S. cities and provides 18 million rides a month. In the competitive market, to differentiate from its competitors Lyft has used customer experience as a key strategy. For that, Lyft has banded together with the best testers in the world to optimise and deliver seamless functionality to its customers. The company has also worked on cutting down the peak hour chargers which is the another reason to stand away from the crowd.

  1. Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s is a popular pizza restaurant chain. They have been known for created brand awareness across multiple channels that includes social media, websites, and apps. The one main attractive thing domino’s do is sending personalized messages to notify offers via push notifications.

  1. is an American electronic commerce company but popular worldwide. They are popular for predictive text on keyword search and one click payment functionality for building great customer experience. Amazon exactly knows what customer wants and they serve good customer experience throughout their journey. They make use of their customer search history to promote and place relevant ads on customer touchpoints to capture their attention. Amazon, now tops the customer satisfaction ranking by pushing down its core competitors such as Tiffany, eBay, Nike, adidas, Walmart and so.

  1. Vodafone

Vodafone is a multinational telecommunications company, headquarters in London and operates services in the regions of Asia, Africa, and Europe. Through digital, mobile, and social, it has taken customer experience to new levels by differentiating its service. The company has also enhanced the communication channel that enables customer to get 30 seconds faster service. Its mobile app which is powered by Genesys Digital Engagement Center enables the agents to track the customer history and activity across the channel. In addition, its seamless experience helps customer to have continuous access with social media platforms.