AWS Kinesis : Manage real-time data processing 5X faster

January 30, 2018

In this age of smart homes, big data, IoT devices, mobile phones, social networks, chatbots, and game consoles, streaming data is everywhere. Almost all companies at meaningful size are using some sort of data technologies, which means being able to collect and use data is no longer enough as a differentiating factor. And how fast you can collect and use your data becomes the key to stay competitive. Most applications are not efficient in collecting, processing, and analyzing real-time streaming data. This ends with a great loss of data.

AWS Kinesis can help

AWS Kinesis is a fully managed, dynamically scalable service for streaming enormous data in real-time.

AWS Kinesis infographic

For a reasonably large application selecting the right tool [Kinesis] can save days, weeks or even months and that is because it helps with high data throughput, low latency, while completely eliminating maintenance headaches.

These are the factors that make Amazon Kinesis a unique service:

  • It is a fully managed service, and there is no need to worry about infrastructure.
  • Kinesis is cost-effective and processes streaming data at any scale
  • Kinesis supports parallel processing of streams.
  • It is reliable and highly available as it can replicate data in three availability zones
  • There is no limit for storing data, the size of the streams increase as data grows

The way Kinesis works

Kinesis acts as a highly available channel that streams messages between data producers and data consumers.

Data producers cover almost any data source: a system or web log data, social network data, financial trading information. Kinesis Stream accepts huge data (terabytes per hour) from data producers.

Data consumers cover only processing data and storing data. Custom applications, receive this data from consumers to process and analyze.

Kinesis replicates all of this streaming data across three separate availability zones to deliver reliability and high availability of data. By default, data is available in a stream for 24 hours but can be made available for up to 168 hours (7 days).

Kinesis setup is faster than similar tools available in the space

Kafka is a tool similar to Kinesis but setting up a Kafka environment requires many prerequisites like server provisioning, environment setup. Post setup, it also needs continuous monitoring for maintenance. On the other hand with Amazon Kinesis, the configuration is completed in a few clicks and there is no limit for storing data in the Kinesis streams.

Choose Kinesis

If your organization produces large amounts of data and needs to process all of the data to produce results then Kinesis is the right option. Kinesis is a great fit for data processing across applications and across a whole gamut of data types: log data, event data, mobile data capture, gaming data feed, IOT devices/sensor data and so on.

Key benefits of AWS Kinesis

  • Real-time
  • Secure
  • Ease of use
  • Parallel processing
  • Low costs