Blockchain in Healthcare: Opportunities and Use Cases

Blockchain in Healthcare: Opportunities, Use Cases and Life Science Solutions

The blockchain is a decentralized network of nodes storing the same data. When someone wishes to update the data on one node, it must be approved by the other nodes in the network. As a result, it is challenging to fabricate information in a blockchain-based system, making it an ideal solution for securing sensitive data. Blockchain in healthcare, when combined with other cutting-edge technologies like IoT and AI, it becomes an effective tool for streamlining business processes.

Blockchain Applications in Healthcare

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Shortcomings of using Blockchain in Healthcare Technology

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Healthcare Blockchain Application Benefits

In healthcare, blockchain can be used in different ways. A few of the most critical applications are data protection for electronic medical records (EMR), data management for personal health records (PHR), and genomic data management.

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6. Blockchain in Clinical Trial Recruitment

Blockchain Services for Healthcare Industry

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