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Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) industry sectors are all experiencing rapid digitalization. As a result, it is forcing organizations to make radical changes in their operations. Whether it’s Portfolio Analytics, Financial Risk management, or Fraud Detection services, Payoda helps banking and financial services companies discover new opportunities to meet the growing needs of millennial customers and differentiate themselves from the competition.

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Portfolio Analytics

With best-in-class reports and custom dashboard visualizations, you can analyze performance, risk, style, and attributes across multiple portfolios and asset classes. Our analytics solutions allow you to go from data to decision-making in a more accelerated and efficient manner by providing you with some of the industry’s most advanced risk analysis tools.

Payoda’s DataViewX platform allows you to:

Analyze portfolio and fund performance while extracting meaningful insights

Investigate the root sources of historical volatility

Successfully implement optimal investment portfolio strategies

Portfolio Analytics solution for Banking and financial services business
Banking and financial services
Financial Risk Management solution for Banking and financial services business
Banking and financial services

Financial Risk Management

Banking and financial services companies are constantly faced with disruption and volatility, not to mention constant changes in regulatory requirements. Payoda’s Financial Risk management solutions assist businesses in addressing these issues with confidence and clarity.

Payoda’s Financial Risk management solutions allow you to:

Manage credit and portfolio risk

Prevent potential risk exposure through detailed analysis, financial simulations, and custom report generation

Help manage liquidity risk and strategize accordingly

Fraud Detection

It is a well-known fact that crimes against banking and financial services institutions have accelerated greatly in this digital age. Because of our extensive experience in the financial services industry, Payoda understands the necessity of fighting fraud in a cost-effective manner, while simultaneously allowing organizations to offer new and innovative services. To this extent, Payoda has experience creating solutions utilizing the most advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to help detect digital fraud.

Payoda’s Fraud Detection Solutions allow you to:

Detect fraud in real-time

Identify false positives and provide structured reporting

Increase data efficiency and accuracy

Fraud detection in banking and financial services Industry
Banking and financial services
Insurance services in banking and financial services Industry
Banking and financial services


Leverage your Customer 360 data with Payoda's innovative solutions. By extracting insights and behavioral analytics you can personalize insurance products at scale to meet the complete needs of all your customers. Payoda's omni-channel insurance solutions allow you to help your customers with their most important insurance decisions.

Payoda's Insurance solutions allows you to:

Accelerate scalable integration with legacy core systems

Provide transparency between agencies, brokers and customers

Enhance insurance processes such as quote generation, policy issuance/renewals and processing in real-time

Host on-premise or in the Cloud

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