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Migrate to Azure and Modernize Apps

Update legacy systems and modernize applications with cloud

Implement an efficient pattern for managing the process of legacy system modernization. Transition your organization’s applications, processes, and data management to a cloud-first approach using PaaS, containers, serverless technologies and database-as-a-service architectures.

Transition to Cloud Operations with Our Expertise

Azure is the cloud of choice for Windows Server and SQL Server workloads. And as a Microsoft Silver Partner for cloud platform and application development, we took its attributes, such as migration ease, high performance, centralized control, and seamless hybrid capabilities, to global corporations. Work with us, attain perks from Azure, and explore the following benefits for your organization while transitioning to cloud operations.

  • Automated DevOps CI/CD Pipelines
  • Repeatable Configuration & Infrastructure
  • Container based workloads
  • Scale-on-demand web workloads
  • Load balancing and High Availability capabilities
  • Scalable Data stores
  • Cloud Data lakes and Data Warehouses
  • Virtualization
  • Central Identity management and security
  • Cost optimization and improved performance

Microsoft Cloud Partner

Payoda is a Microsoft Partner that helps organizations build their cloud technology expertise in full alignment with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). Find out how our technology experts can give you complete freedom to craft new applications while successfully operating existing workloads in a modernized hyperconvergent environment.

Cloud adoption made fast, secure, convenient, and economical

Our four-step process for migrating your applications and workloads to Azure. Our Azure experts bring cloud migration and modernization planning tools and guidance to assist you in accelerating your journey and to transition confidently.


  • Involve Stakeholders
  • Calculate TCO
  • Discover and evaluate apps

Migrate & Modernize

  • Select a Migration Strategy
  • Apply the Migration Strategy
  • Find recommended tools


  • Analyze your costs
  • Save with offers
  • Re-invest to do more

Secure & Manage

  • Security
  • Data protection
  • Monitoring

How can Payoda help?

You can choose to adopt a migrate-first, modernize-later approach to reduce data centers footprint or modernize on-the-go for a faster time-to-market. Based on the assessment on your environment for cloud readiness, we can adopt different approaches that would suit your needs.

Cloud Migration Assessment

  • Perform real-time cloud operations and database management
  • System readiness for transition to hybrid
  • Eliminate the need to compromise on system reliability and security.

Unique hybrid experiences: Server + Azure

  • Azure Security Center + built-in OS security
  • Windows Admin Center
  • Integrated backup, disaster recovery, & identity

Deep trust with enterprises

  • Full parity with 100% code consistency
  • Unmatched support & backward compatibility
  • Machine learning-based performance & security

Unparalleled consistency & innovation: Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

  • Full visibility and thorough control of all activities
  • Protection from internal and external security threats
  • Reuse familiar skills and toolsets

Migrate your apps, data, and infrastructure to Azure using a tried-and-true cloud migration and modernization strategy.

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