Azure DevOps Pipelines: Build, Test & Code Projects

Introduction to Azure DevOps Pipelines

We can use the Azure DevOps Pipelines to automatically build and test our coding projects. The Azure pipeline provides a wide range of features, including continuous integration and delivery, which enable us to continuously test, build, and distribute our code to any target.

If you are interested in learning about tools that help manage and automate the complete software development life cycle, you should become familiar with Azure Pipelines and Azure DevOps and how they help during product development releases.

In this blog, we will delve into how to configure an Azure CI/CD Pipeline starting from the source stage with existing code.

How can DevOps help your team?

What is Azure DevOps?

What are Azure Pipelines?

Why should I use Azure DevOps Pipelines?

How do I run automated tests on Azure DevOps Pipeline?

Defining Pipelines Using The Classic Interface (CI)

azure devops pipelines services

Azure DevOps Pipeline Services and Payoda

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