Azure App Service vs. Azure Container App Service

Azure App Service vs Azure Container App Service

What is Azure App Service? 

Azure App Service is a cloud-based website hosting platform built and operated by Microsoft. It’s a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that allows you to publish web applications running on popular frameworks such as .NET, .NET Core, Node.js, Java, PHP, Ruby, and Python.  Payoda utilizes the app to host web apps, REST APIs, Logic Apps, and backend services for mobile apps.

What are Azure Container Apps? 

Azure container app streamlines the configuration of popular open-source tools and technologies. You get a portable solution for both your containers and application configuration. You choose the number of hosts, size, and choice of orchestrator tools, and the container app service handles the rest. While deploying the application, a new revision is created. Revisions allow you to run the old and new versions simultaneously and use the traffic splitting feature to direct traffic to be old or new versions.

Azure App Service Benefits

  • Built-in HTTPS support.
  • Multiple languages and frameworks.
  • CORS support.
  • Visual Studio integration.

Azure Container App Benefits

  • Flexibility to write code using your language, framework, or SDK of choice.
  • Robust auto-scaling capabilities.
  • Simple configurations.
  • Serverless service.
  • Support different application types, such as microservices, HTTP APIs, event handling, long-running processes, and other miscellaneous background tasks.
  • Split traffic.
  • Secure Secret Storage.
Azure app service is a platform-as-a-servicetool, whereas Azure container app service is a container-as-a-service”. Most importantly, Azure container instances bill you only for the time the container is active, while web apps bill you for the time the web app is used. 

Azure Cloud Services from Payoda

Payoda provides fast development, deployment, and scaling of web applications and APIs. We utilize a reliable, fully managed service that processes over 60 billion requests daily to satisfy stringent, enterprise-grade performance, security, and compliance requirements. Talk to our experts today to start working with containers, Windows or Linux, and .NET, .NET Core, Node.js, Java, Python, or PHP.

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