Omni+ is a ready to use suite of backend services and drop in UI components for web and mobile application development. It comes packages with enterprise grade secure access to backend systems with easy to use SDK's for every platform of choice.


All Platforms Support

All Platforms Support

Key Features

  • Enable rapid transformation

    Enable rapid transformation to mobility with ready to deploy­ use backend services ​viz., dynamic storage, Data sync, Offline cache etc

  • customizable drop­in UI

    Readymade, highly customizable drop­in UI components for fast track development ​viz., Charts, Gauges, ListViews, Data forms, Animations and more

  • Scalable, multi­tenant system

    Scalable, multi­tenant system to fit Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds.

  • Plug and play

    Plug and play microservices to suit your needs.

  • Enterprise connectors

    Enterprise connectors to integrate multiple enterprise third party platforms ​like IAMs, ServiceNow, Salesforce and SAP HANA

  • Client SDKs

    Client SDKs for every platform of choice.

  • Supports integration

    Supports integration with MAM and MDM solutions like MobileIron, Good MDM etc

Platform Capabilities


Atomic Microservices

Ready to deploy, decoupled microservices on docker containers.

Object based solutioning

Modeled generic objects to fit business logics and multitude of needs.

Schemaless Dynamic NoSQL backend

Generic highly tuned dynamic NoSQL database on cloud for persistence.

Identity Management

Enterprise, Social and Internal Identity management provided out of the box.


Readymade UI Component

Highly customizable, fully functional drop­in UI components.

Datastore Connectors

Postgresql, Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Oracle datastore enterprise connectors.

Web Service Connectors

SOAP, REST connectors for integration of legacy systems.

Data Sync and Offline operation

Scheduled, dynamic data sync with full blown offline cache for operation.


Crash Analytics

Drop­in crash logs and crash analytics.


HIPAA, PCI compliance and standards provided out of the box.


Enterprise connectors for varied choice of analytics.

Enterprise Dashboard

Fully functional dashboard for easy configuration and management.


Location Services

Ready to use Geo­location and Geofencing services.


Defined push notifications for maximized user engagement.


Integration with world class Mobile application and Mobile device management solutions.​