Improving User Experience with Micro-Interactions & Motion Designs

By Kiran Challa

Micro interactions and motion designs are the latest and most advanced techniques in the digital space to engage users and give them the pleasure of using interactive applications.


A paradigm shift has taken place from legacy designs to trending micro-interaction designs. Today, it’s all about minimalistic design, impressive animations, along with clean, smooth and cool interactions to add value and to bring life to applications.

Engaging users in a memorable way with immersive and meaningful interactions is the key to success. These interactions can guide users to complete a task easily, with minimal steps within a short span of time, giving them more confidence in further usability.

Users access applications from a variety of channels, and we need to make sure that accessibility and performance of the application is weightless and frictionless, with a quick load time to give smoother transitions across multiple platforms, browsers and devices.

The new improved design should have high attention to detail, and guide users on how to use and prevent errors in the system. It’s all about making the design intuitive, user-friendly and engaging to enhance user experience.

The design should allow the application to be smarter by providing appropriate feedback at the right time, ongoing status of an action and so on. Such micro-interactions let the users perform tasks seamlessly, and can get them more connected through the audio and video cues.

Satisfied customers come back to give more business, which can be achieved only when users are overwhelmed with our product rather than liking it.

Motion design invokes interest to connect emotionally and engage users to interact with it, or tempt them to play over and over again, which will draw their attention to perform the next action.

It’s a simple touch or click that makes your work stand out. It can either be by showing them a sequence of images as a motion picture or video, giving text animations while filling the forms, animations between the pages, animated charts, on hover and call to action buttons, on page scrolling animations, adding intuitive functions, design aesthetically pleasing, etc. This results in greater customer satisfaction and encourages them to interact and use (Click, Share, Like) the application more often.

A design with care will bring in more business. It’s time to start paying more attention to your technique to give a great user experience.

Tags: Micro Interactions, Motion Designs