Business Needs

  • To implement Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics using Adobe Dynamic Tag Management for a Banking and Finance client.
  • To optimize Login module on the banking website for better user experience.
  • To get better insights from Analytics and use the data in targeting and optimization.

Solution Provided

  • Designed the solution and implemented Adobe Analytics to measure user interactions on various digital channels satisfying the business requirements.
  • Migrated legacy mbox.js Target implementation to latest at.js implementation using Adobe DTM.
  • Implemented Recommendations module which comes along with Adobe Target.
  • Integrated Adobe Target with Adobe Analytics and other marketing cloud products for sharing of data and metrics.

Business Benefits

  • 100% efficiency in measuring the traffic to different digital channels on Adobe Analytics led to better insights on user behavior.
  • Overall sales witnessed a 15% growth after the implementation of Recommendatiosn module.
  • Website speeds are improved by more than 100% after the migration of Target mbox.js to at.js.
  • Zeroed in on the right experience of Login module after experimenting with 6 experiences over 3 months for different customer segments.
  • Integration between Adobe Target and Analytics led to creation of more precise customer segments.